Tuesday, March 18, 2014

India Calling

 Udaipur (Credit)

It has been about 7 years since my last trip to India.  I cannot believe the amount of time that has passed.  This time around I will be in Delhi and Udaipur only.

This weekend I hope to lose myself in the mayhem of Chandi Chowk in Delhi.  Can't wait.

Chandi Chowk (Credit)

I think I'm ready for India again. 



cosmicyoruba said...

Have fun! India is still on my countries to go to list.

Anonymous said...

Salaams Ridwan,

Have Fun. If you have time for the 'touristy' stuff, why not squeeze in a trip to Shimla (on the narrow-gauge train).

Peace, Bash

Ridwan said...

Hi Cosmicyoruba and Bash:

Sorry for the late posting of your comments. I just got back from India last night and while there I did not spend much time online.

In Udaipur I did a little touristy stuff but for the most part my trip was around a conference on India-South African Relations.

Still, India consumes one and I was so consumed. Sometimes frustrated but most times I found myself in awe.

I ended my trip with a visit to the actual place where Gandhi and Indira Gandhi were assassinated in New Delhi.

Cosmicyoruba you will luv India.

Bash I will have to do the Shimla trip in the very near future.

Peaceful greetings,