Saturday, October 14, 2006

Qutb Minar in Delhi

These pics are of Qutb Minar which was built to stamp Islam's arrival in India. The place is spectacular and a must see if you visit. While I was walking around I overheard a huge older American man ask his Indian host the following mindless question: "Was this place a military installation?" Oh yeah, if it ain't military and adversity then how can it be an Islamic site, right? And if it is Islamic it must be violent at its core, right? Don't get me started on Salman Rushdie and his latest idiocy. Why choose Ramadaan to attack the Qur'an and tell an American audience that the veil is oppressive? To whom? Guess freedom of religion is not one of the freedoms he keeps close to his sellout soul. All this to sell another novel, Islam will be here long after Salman and Bush are just figments (or is that pigments) of a distant pass. Why don't we hear Salman crying about Iraq and Bush? Cause that won't sell nothing, and a fatwa from Bush could be the real thing! Ouch.

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