Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ségolène Royal

I was hoping against the now usual rightwing drift in French politics. I am remissed that Marie-Ségolène Royal, who was born in Senegal, will not be the next president.

That France has installed a rightwing candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, to the highest office is nothing less than a shame. A telling shame no less. What a waste of an opportunity to elect the first female president for reasons that have more to do with her political substance and will toward socialist/progressive advance.

But in this age of rightist paranoia and petrol-imperialism she hardly stood a fair chance. Makes me wonder just how much more to the right the French want to move. In fact, how far is the facist and racist Jean-Marie Le Pen from the presidency? In person, but more so now, in politics.

These are troubling times for France as Royal warned. But these are also troubling times for Europe.

Maybe the addage that a "country gets the leaders they deserve" rings true tonight.

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