Monday, May 07, 2007

Yo Herman!

I expect you are settling back into Melbourne my "mate" ... it was really nice to hang with you here in South Africa.

I miss you already so don't make it another 5 years from now. OK niceties out of the way. Ummmmm .... what the hell is Casey Stoner (above) doing on the MotoGP podium in first place? Not once bra but 3 times! And he is leading the 2007 championship race.

Now I know you have no love for Stoner. Why again? Ain't he Australian "mate"? Anyway, tell me this, what are they feeding him and that Ducati he rides? I mean damn, Shanghai was another revelation huh? You lay out about 1.27 kilometers of tarmac in a straight line and my boy Valentino is slukking carbon from Stoner's
tailpipe. Ummmm, I'm not even going to talk about your boy Pedrosa. I guess fourth place is better than ... well, no-place.

OK, so you are the sportbike guru I always wanted to be. Right down to the red ZX10 Kawasaki.

But right now I need answers man. Hope too. And please don't tell me it's early in the season. You know I'm not a patient brother. I know ... I know. But Herman, did Ducati get the memo that all the bikes were supposed to be 800 cubics now? Or are they just better at "fiddling with the carbs" as Gary would say? I wonder if Gary knows anything about bikes and protein?

And if they did get the memo, what the hell is Yamaha doing giving my boy Valentino an underperforming bike? Oh yeah, that is your boy Pedrosa behind Rossi at Jerez. You know I like him too, he reminds me of you, but damn stuff don't look good for Honda.

Now that 'we' mentioned Honda, didn't this Kentucky dude win the 2006 championship after Rossi fell off his bike? What's his name again? And if he keeps losing does this mean that the folks at Laguna Seca will cancel the only MotoGP race on American soil?

I'm asking 'cause you know that America does not like to lose ... ever! See Vietnam and Iraq, as of this writing.

So I expect answers man. Take a moment to Holla and tell me what the hell is going on. If Rossi keeps losing I might have to follow Rafael Nadal again until the clay court season ends at Roland Garros. I like Nadal but I am beginning to live for MotoGP ... send me some hope my broer. I'm waiting Herman. Answers man. ;0)

OK I'll stoppie now. Thanks to Totsiens Bra Herman.

***********Update(May 12, 2007)********

See Herman ride his Kawasaki zx10 on a track in Australia.

I recognize the moustache broer. Looking good man. I'll post a picture of me cornering a Harley next week ... ;0) ... really! And thanks for responding in the comments section. Here is another take on why Ducati is winning.

Oh yes Herman, the next time you twist the throttle think about this bonehead KwaZulu-Natal motorcyclist who was fined R102 000 (about $14 500) for speeding. The speed: 295 km/h. Bliksem!

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Herman said... rub it in. I'm not one of Casey's biggest fans, but man - he sure knows how to ride that Ducati. European circuits coming next, so that will soon sort out the pecking order. The Ducati's top speed advantage will be somewhat dampened and we should see a few good scraps for track position. And seen as you're not talking about my boy Pedrosa - neither will I. I'll just take my sorry self to a corner to sulk.

Watch my boy in the 250's though....Lorenzo....coming to a track near you soon.

Don't you worry about your boy Valentino, his talent make up for the smaller ponies that the Yammies are packing. I think that we'll see some good scraps between: Rossi, Stoner, Capirossi, Pedrosa, Hopkins....with cameo appearances by Hayden and maybe even Barros.

That red ZX10 looks cool, but we don't get that colour in Oz (wish we did) have black one.

Cheers bra - hope to see you down under soon.