Thursday, June 28, 2007

Snow in South Africa

Naaaaw mense I'm not gonna talk about the African National Congress' policy conference going on in Midrand. Vok boet I'm more than gatvol with the ANC and their tedious wank to the right. So I'm tuned out on President Mbeki and could care less about the debate on the party's strategy and tactics document.

Well for tonight at least. Tommorow I will likely be lekker again. Or not.

The snow I want to see is real. This stuff in the picture!! Snow in South Africa??

Damn Boeta D. jy is seker vokken koud ne?

It is said that the last time it snowed in Joburg it was 1981.

Wonder what Mooi was doing then? He was probably in church praying for redemption and a matric expemption. He got the latter ;0)

These laatjies are having fun somewhere in Joeys.

Patty what are you and your family doing to stay warm hey? Did you hear that it was minus three in Kimberley last night? Jussus jong! And no central heating too.

I took this picture of Wendy in February. It was just days into my return to South Africa and it was boiling.

Poor Wendy is at a disadvantage in the summer hey. But damn she must be toasty right now.

Cliff write man ... tell me why Ntini is out of the side for the Windies tour ... tell me anything about home!

Geeeezzz it is snowing in South Africa and its 'white' again (just jiving Gugu) and I'm not there.

Ahhhh damn, I feel a tear or two welling. I'm gonna have to sign off now ... wish Wendy was here. Sniff snifffff ... my heart hurts ;0)

Thanks to News24 for the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Tough times never last, tough people always do.

Focus on the joy in your life, and not the joy you're missing. You will know it again one day.


Ridwan said...

Wise words brother Eli. Thanks man. Hope you are well and happy.

Holla when you come up to PDX again. It will be nice to chat and catch up.

Peace and struggle,