Friday, July 20, 2007

Keep Signing and Keep the Pressure on Howard!

I think we are looking good hey! As of now we are almost at 40 in three days. Please circulate the petition link in any way you can.

We need more and more. Strength in numbers yo!

Ok so Tom has made it really easy to put a banner on your blog. Please go to this link and get his "simple banner for blog sidebars." Tom says "It's linked to the petition so people who see it can go right there to sign."

As some of you know I am on the road in Mexico. I am however keeping an eye on the petition and monitoring email too.

The petition is set up to collect signatures for three months (until October 17th). So we have time but should keep the pressure up. We need to get it out there in the media. Please holla and let us know ideas on publicity and, of course, making Howard's life a misery.

Onward with the Tourist Boycott of Australia! Justice for Aboriginals!

Ridwan Laher


Eugene said...

I just sent a link to all on my e-mail address as well as on my blog. Thanks for all your work brother!

Ridwan said...

Hey brother!

Thanks man. We are doing well hey! Our folks here and there standing up for Aboriginal brothers and sisters in a small way.

Thank you for your work here brother. This is a coming together of comrades from all over the world hey.

I know some of the folks and some are new.

We are moving brother.


ps. Tell Rhonda I said Hi!

Jubin George said...

Hi Ridwan,
Sincere apologies for being late.

Have signed the petition. Will put it up in my blog in a day or two. 57 so far is not a great number, not very bad either. Hope we can reach 1000 in time.

Is it possible to get the script for the form you have in your blog? It's an easy to sign up thing.

Ridwan said...

Hey Jubin George:

No need to apologise brother. You a busy man for sure and I hope you are well.

I am on the road in Mexico and don't have access to the code I saved on my computer.

Kimberley is managing the pettion and email stuff in Portland.

But will try to find it but please use Tom's tag.

It is easy to use and we are getting a lot of our signatures from his and Eugene's site.

Right now there are 60 signatories. I think that is great in just 6 days!

But more is always better for sure.