Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tourist Boycott of Australia Campaign

Dear Struggle Comrades:

We are up and running. Please visit this URL to sign our petition:

Copy and past and direct and do whatever it takes to collect signatures. Thank you Kimberly for setting up our email account. You can email us there:


Tom Autopref said...

Good to see. I'll get a post up and display the banner.

Ridwan said...

Thank you Tom. We are off to a good start hey.


shanamadele said...

Ridi, my brother! I look for you periodically, and now I have found you, still fighting the good fight.

Hope you are well. I have much news; most of it is on my live journal. Hope to catch up soon.

Ridwan said...

Hello Sarah:

It took me a bit to figure it out! How are you my sister? And Mark?

I have heard some of the good news. I talked to Mark W. last night before leaving for San Diego.

Will be back your way again and may even see you in Sarasota in September.

We need to catch up my sister. It has been a minute or more now.


Ana said...

Kia ora whanau,

Nau mai, haere mai & welcome to the first IA: ImagineNative Action
panui - we assume yall know who we are and what we're about, but if
not just drop us an email and we'll mihi to that!

Attached is the first of our public awareness leaflets (arohamai for
the spelling mistakes, we did our best but it was 4am!!) regarding
the colonial invasion of Aboriginal land, communities and children in
the north of Occupied Australia. Feel free to forward to friends,
whanau, colleagues and/or print them off and flood yo local pub,
club, cafe, supermarket and MPs office with them! Chur.

This saturday the All Blacks are playing Australia at Eden Park in
Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland), kick off 7.30 pm. The IA whanau believes
the moral and political background to Aotearoa's natonal rugby team
playing Australia now is similar to the All Blacks playing South
Africa in the 1960-90s. Colonial Australia has a history of
brutalising and attempting cultural and ethnic genocide on the 1st
nations of the land, a history often more brutal and repugnant than
that of Apartheid.

However, rather than advocating the disruption of the rugby match (at
this stage), IA wants to use this, and future sporting events, as a
platform to raise awareness over the invasion of Aboringinal
communities and the attempts to alienate the people from their land
for the purposes of economic ( i.e. mining) exploitation.

This is the important bit:
To this end we are attempting to co-ordinate (with no funds and few
peoples!!) an action at All Blacks vs. Australia on Saturday. This
will involve handing out placards and banners to the crowd as they
enter Eden Park and asking that they wave them about as much as
possible. There will also be some other activities that we'll korero
on during the session.

The placards will be designed and painted at a session to be held on
Friday July 20th at 43 Warwick Ave, Westmere from 6pm. We may follow
this up with a second session the following morning or afternoon if
people are keen and there is enough mahi to do.

We will provide some kai, and as much placard/painting, stencilling
materials as possible, but any donations of kai, white, black, red,
yellow paint and of cardboard or other soft materials would be
choice! Also if any of you have placards and banners from either of
the first 2 rallies please feel free to bring them too.

If you got any questions or want to korero at all then email us at or call/text our kaikorero Te
Kanikani Tangata Hara on 0211551154.

Aroha n Blessings
Te Whanau o ImagineNative Action

Tom Autopref said...

For anyone who would like it, I made a simple banner for blog sidebars. It's linked to the petition so people who see it can go right there to sign.

Ridwan said...

Way to go Tom! Thanks brother. The number is growing. Good deal.

I will attempt to press more folks to get off their asses ;0)

See also comment from Ana on more action in comments below.


Ridwan said...

oops Tom and others I meant for you to look above at Ana's comment.

Thanks Ana. Please keep us posted hey. We have three months to collect petition signatures ( till October 17).

Thereafter we will mail hard copies to Howard and media folks.

We need however to get the word out more and more.