Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let Them Eat Stray Dogs

I have written here before about feral dogs in India, and a special one in New Delhi.

To say that there are many such dogs anywhere in India is an understatement. I took this picture in Daman while I was making my way down to Mumbai in mid-2006.

Now comes a news report that tells about a proposed plan to deal with "stray dogs" in New Delhi.

New Delhi City Councilor (Bankner Village), Mohan Prashad Bharadwaj, proposes that the "strays" be sent to the Koreans because he understands that they are fond of dog meat.


Hey this is a serious suggestion because sterilization efforts have largely failed. And the requirement that dogs use either condoms or the pill has not worked either.

Another actual suggestion, to be taken just as seriously, proposed that "strays" be drugged so they sleep throughout the day. This would allow the good people of Delhi only the slight inconvenience of having to step over tens of thousands of sleeping dogs.

The nightime would presumably be a free-for-all.

The sad part is that Bharadwaj and his fellow councilors are elected and paid officials. Ain't democracy just great?

What is lost on these morons is that the vast majority of the dogs in question are not "strays" anymore. They are feral dogs. This is not an issue that can be solved with any kind of inhumane hit-and-run tactics.

No-one expects that the proposal will be taken seriously. Bharadwaj has, however, been elevated from his position as a newly elected city councilor to the status of an international idiot.

He should be made to offer a formal apology to the two Koreas.

Stupid f*ckwit.

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