Thursday, August 16, 2007


Dione said...

This little birdie is crying for it's brother that got lynched? Was it a bad cat?, or maybe a human in a giant american automobile...

Ridwan said...

I came across this picture while surfing in San Diego a few weeks ago.

It moved me deeply. I kept it close for days and looked at it periodically to see more. And there is more than one glance there.

Then today I was reading about an elephant in a SAfrican reserve that killed a tourist.

I thought that we do not realize fully the anguish that other animals suffer in times of estrangement, culling, slaughter, or routine passing.

When I look at the picture it conveys a universal sorrow that none of us escape entirely.

It is life. But it is sad. And sadder for us humans that think we suffer most.

I don't know who took the picture. It came from a site that did not provide a credit.


Dione said...

This is very moving indeed!
I felt the universal sorrow, for real! I know animals feel emotional pain, so I give credit to the vegetarians out there who don't eat anything that has a mother.
Still finding it hard to eat right in LO,


Eugene said...


Ridwan said...

I have to agree brother Eugene.

Kashea said...

That speaks volumes.