Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Jenna Six

Hello There:

Over at Tom's Automatic Preference you will be pleased to read that more than
25 thousand people signed the Jenna Six Petition. The total number at 8pm PT is 26 122.


If you have not signed the petition, and you are a US resident, please do so now. We need to stand up for these young men. Their lives do hang in the balance.

What is happening in Jenna (Texas) is nothing short of slavery-type racism. It is a 2007 lynching with all the required props in place!

Please stand up for these young men.

Here are a few links that cover the Jenna Six:

"A Town in Turmoil" Newsweek. August 20-27, 2007.

"The Jena Six: Something You Should Know About" Austin Weekly News. August 1, 2007.

"Stealth racism' stalks deep South" BBC. May 24, 2007.

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