Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boycott Chiquita Brand International

So you got a taste for a banana? Before you reach to get that "perfect snack" please make sure it is not a Chiquita banana.


Well check out Professor Zero's cover and Immigration Orange's advocacy for a boycott of Chiquita Brand International. You know they do more than bananas right?

Ummmm yeah. They do drug smuggling, illegal pesticides, pay millions to terrorist groups for protection, force workers to toil in inhumane conditions, pay workers next to nothing ...

So order a pizza instead. And while you are waiting for delivery here are a few reports you could read to catch up on Chiquita Brand:

"Chiquita Banana Company Admits Paying Colombian Terror Groups Over $1 Million to Protect Farms" March 14, 2007. Fox News.

"Chiquita Case Puts Big Firms on Notice" April 11, 2007. The Christian Science Monitor.

"Students Shun Chiquita" April 18, 2007. Columbia Spectator.

"The Chiquita Banana Story" July 7, 1998. Democracy Now.

"Profile: Chiquita Brands" Co-op America.

"Shun" Chiquita bananas broer. Even the monkey is eating organic ... trust a brother.

Now go check on that pizza delivery. If it ain't at your place in 30 minutes they send a stripper over. Male or female of course.



Cero said...

Good job!!! Gracias ...

Ridwan said...

Important stuff Professor Zero.

Thanks for looking in hey.


Dione said...

Well,,,, Thanks for letting us know about those bastards at Chiquita, lol. I guess its no laughing matter, but its getting so hard to eat right. It's good to support your local co-op, but I also suppose that I would be in trouble for supporting Wild Oates, New Seasons or Whole Foods. (corpret oates ect) I'm so sad, lol. It's great to support free trade and anything we can do to help ourselves, our fellow humans and the enviornment. I hope those cows were milked properely for the milk that went into that cheese on the pizza, I hope the farmer wasn't a pervert, and I hope that the tomatoes for the sauce were raised with out pesticide. Godam, its hard to eat right :) It's best to try and forget what goes into that pizza, I tried being a vegan 4 years ago, and I was very depressed not having Pizza, that did not last long hehe.
I would be happy to hook u up with real pizza from an italian kitchen anytime. Smoked Mozzarella.....

Dade said...

Hi, Ridwan.

Isn't Chiquita the latest incarnation of United Fruit?

United Fruit has a long, sorry history of employing the United States military to exploit and suppress people.

Great job!


Ridwan said...

Dione you do raise a good point in a wicked way :0)

I think a lot of really well itentioned people become tired of all they have to look out for and what to avoid.

I choose my battles. And have avoided Chiquita brands even before this boycott call.

I grew up in Kimberley (Diamond capital of South Africa) but boycott everything that is related to them, espcially their jewelry.

And I have friends who work for De Beers, or least folks I know quite well.

De Beers is especially cruel. And Chiquita brands is especially cruel too.

There are other companies that folks call on me to boycott that have not stuck in my consciousness.

Nike for example. I know I am going to regret confessing this ;o)

Thanks for looking in Dione.


Ridwan said...

Dade it is true man, they were known as United Fruit some time back. But it must be quite some time because Chiquita Brands is what I have stored.

Seems like the new name has not changed their tactics though hey.

They are still the same.

Thanks for looking in Dade.

Be well brother,

Dione said...

Hey Ridwan,
Scuze my tongue and cheekiness here, heh.
It’s a good thing to live up to your intentions, boycotting bad and cruel treatments. The diamond industry is a big one; we know that DeBeers is a corporate monopoly, driven by greed. Everyone out there needs to know something important, DIAMONDS ARE NOT RARE. If it were not for DeBeers, we could all be dripping in diamonds "if we wanted to be", and they would not cost a fortune, and have the insane worth attached to them. DeBeers created the insanity, people dying for a shiny rock. Many jewelry companies today, claim to adhere to the "kimberly agreement". This mostly happened after societal pressure from the Blood Diamond movie. I have still not watched that film, because this all upsets me so much. I have to be honest, I know that DeBeers has a huge mine in Russia ect, but even if the diamond your wearing did not come from Africa, you still supported the industry that it came from, and the same company that is stealing, and misusing people to say the least- in East Africa, as well as South Africa. This is why everyone needs to buy Moissanite, and can ask me any question they like about it. I’m also curious, who has seen that Ice Road Trucker show, about the guys who risk their life for Debeers??