Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"I Cry a Lot"

Bush confessed to his biographer Robert Draper that "I've got God's shoulder to cry on, and I cry a lot ..." and "I'll bet I've shed more tears than you can count as president" when it comes to war casualties.


Someone should kick him in the nuts so he can lay down in a ball and cry even more. And then do it again ... and again.

Are we supposed to think of him as human now? A mass murderer who cries on God's shoulder. Is Bush just totally f*cking crazy?

Does God have a shoulder?

Anyway, who cares if he cries? Not me and most of the world for sure.

F*cking delusional ass should be on some kind of meds. And in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This was his reception in Australia today where he met with that other delusional f*ck and fellow war criminal, John Howard.


Dade said...

Hey, Ridwan!

I completely agree. John Howard and Junior are cut from the same cloth. They are two nasty creatures. They deserve each other.


Ridwan said...

Hello Dade. Good to hear from you.

I know that most feel like this about Bush. Australia is off the radar a little but Howard is not winning popularity contests anywhere. Not even in Australia.

How did we get here?

The collapse of the USSR and all that talk about freedom in the early 90s. Only to have Bush and co. reintroduce us to fascism.

Be well my friend.


Eugene said...

That's not God, George, that's Satan.

Those are tears of solace or sadness. Those are tears of unbelievable laughter at the glee you two are sharing having gotten away with numerous crimes against peace, humanity, war crimes, the crimes of genocide, etc. My goodness! People keep supporting your blatant genocidal ass and that just wells up in your eyes as tears of joy on Satan's shoulders.

Get it right, George. Damn! You do that stupid thing way too good.

Ridwan said...

God would have nothing to do with this stupid b*tch.

My heart is filled with hate for this man.

Thanks bra Eugene.