Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nuclear Warheads Across America

I prefer to get my news about the US from outside of the US. Oh there is that little matter of how the mainstream media in the US sometimes obscures, or waters down at best, the news it chooses to publish.

Well here is a little explosive story I missed in the US media. And I do read some US mainstream media.

Anyway, a news report in South Africa's Mail and Guardian tells of a B-52 bomber that was "mistakingly" loaded with five nuclear warheads and flown clear across the continental US.

Yeah you read that right. "Mistakingly" loaded with nuclear warheads. This happened last week and Thursday.

The report says that the "B-52 flew from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to

Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana ..."

The 'mistake' was not discovered until the B-52 landed at Barskdale. This means that the nuclear warheads were just hanging there for what is approximately a 4 hour flight between North Dakota and Louisiana.

What a f*ck-up hey?

But don't be too worried though. Lt-Col Ed Edward Thomas, a spokesperson for the US Airforce, says that "All evidence we have seen so far points to an isolated mistake ..."

Geez thanks Thomas. I feel a whole lot better knowing that some of the morons you train to kill brown people in Iraq and Afghanistan could also wipe out the US.

By mistake, of course.

An investigation has been launched even as you read this. And, Thomas wants you to know that:"It is important to note that munitions were safe, secure and under military control at all times. The error was discovered by airmen during internal air force checks. The weapons were safe and remained in air force control and custody at all times ..."

Let me see if I get that logic: The Air Force was in control of nuclear warheads it did not know was strapped to a
B-52 bomber on an otherwise routine flight from North Dakota to Louisiana.


The US Military and the Pentagon, of course, won't comment on the incident. But the report says that "one defence official confirmed the missiles were nuclear."

Now where would we be today if that plane went down? By mistake, of course.

A comment at the The Scotsman International offers a little Biblical directive with this passage: " ... for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." (Matthew 26:52)

By mistake though? Who knows hey?

All I know is that Bush says Iran can't be trusted with nuclear warheads because they are not a "not a force for good" in the world.

Well if Iran really has plans to attack the US with their Chinese-made nuclear warheads, they should just cool their jets. The US military, it seems, has all the know-how to get the job done by themselves.

By mistake, of course.


Cero said...

Wow. Right to Louisiana. And I now get all my best news from blogs.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Prof Zero ... what will Louisiana do with those nuclear warheads?

Is this a windfall for Katrina relief via the US Military?



Eugene said...

This is funny, in a not so funny way. I made a similar post on my blog the morning after you made this one, but didn't read yours until the afternoon. I don't think it was an accident. You can read what I think on my blog. Good post.

Eugene said...

One more thing. It's been my observation that when there is an excess of fluff news, they are usually trying to cover for the crimes of the government. Yesterday, I saw some news folks setting up on the connection of Denver and Interstate where the Paul Bunyun statue is. There aint no news there. I don't watch network news so I am not sure if there is an excess of fluff, but with all the shit coming down, I have to assume as much.

Ridwan said...

Hello brother Eugene:

Wow. I read your post yesterday. Damn G. we are more than on the same page ;0)

Strange thing is I floated the story around here and the response was "oh that was not such a big issue ... these things happen all the time."

The naive, almost child-like, faith in the state is astounding hey.

They were in control of weapons they did not know they had ???

And yeah, where in the news was all this stuff. Tucked away. No grand scale investigation.

No breaking news special. Just tucked away.

Manufactured consent. The government knows what they are doing even is Bush does not.

I read in an Australian newspaper that Bush made an ass of himself in a speech.

He said that he was invited to next year's Opec meeting by Howard. Opec instead of Apec.

Could it mean that Bush and Howard intend to run Opec by next year?

Wishful perhaps but hardly a mistake.

And then he went on to thank the Austrians for their role in Iraq.

Australians and Austrians. Same thing for Bush.

An empire run by a moron.

Be good brother.


Anonymous said...

I did hear this on NPR. They said it was a mistake and the guy in charge was dismissed. Please they meant to move those warheads they just didn't mean for anyone outside the US Military to find out. Oh well.

Ridwan said...

Eugene would agree with you K! Now what do you think they need 'em down there for?

I trust you are well.


Anonymous said...

OK, I looked at a map and the first idea that came to mind was Venezuela. Could they be targeting them there? Is it Chavez? He does hate the US and by all accounts the most distrubing thing I have heard recently that he has done is passed a law on the prefered names you can give to your kid.?
So that must be it. (snicker doodle)

Yes I am well and waiting for us to get together...that is if you will have dinner with me and N?

Ridwan said...

Hello K.

I will holla at ya. Missed ya a a couple of weeks ago. Do I have the right cell number?

I will holla at your email address.

OK, so now you and Eugene have me worried.

Iran and Venezuela!

Oh boy.

Tell Nat I said Hi. Will talk in a few.


Geez, just realized that we have not talked since my return from the South ... sorry!