Thursday, October 04, 2007

Miners Still Trapped(Updated)

3200 miners were trapped underground at Harmony Gold's Elandsrand mine in Carletonville, South Africa.

Carletonville is about 50 miles southwest of Johannesburg.

As I write this it is 7:05am in South Africa. News24 reported 10 minutes ago that 600 miners have been rescued so far.

My prayer is that the rest are rescued in the next few hours.


***Update(Thursday: October 4, 5:45pm pt)

I have just read that all 3200 miners were rescued. They are most likely very tired. But we are all happy that they are safe!


Dione said...

I hope they are rescued as well.
It's a sad reason to die... for trinkets/ aka ladies "shiney things"

speaking of beautiful things, how are you?

Eugene said...

According to the last news update, although I couldn't read it all, it would seem that all the miners have been rescued.

Ridwan said...

Hi Dione:

Well you know by now that they are all safe. I am soooo happy. Most of these miners are underpaid and live a very hard life.

Still, this is all that we wanted.

I am OK. Feeling a little drained today. Think I am coming down with a head cold or something.

But, I had a great day teaching today. My classes, all three, were slamming!

Eugene and Shusli stopped by my "Race, Class, and Gender" class and added so much it was amazing.

The students were buzzing and I know they really appreciate what was presented today.

I trust you are well and that you are squaring up to fight the beast all you can.


Ridwan said...

Hey there Eugene. Yeah they are free man! Sweet.

So, Desmond Tutu is an undesirable huh?

Tell me brother, if we can't listed to Tutu in America, who can we listen too?


Be well my brother.