Thursday, October 25, 2007

Racist Humpty Was Pushed

CNN reports that James Watson, the Nobel prize-winning biologist who made racist statements about Blacks, has resigned from his post at the "renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory."

Earlier, Watson claimed not to understand why he would have made the comments attibuted to him.

Britain's Sunday Times is not, however, retracting any part of their report.

Regarding his 'departure', Watson is quoted as saying:"The circumstances in which the transfer (read firing) is occurring ... are not those which I could ever have anticipated or desired."

This case has the right ending no doubt. Watson was suspended last week and obviously 'pushed' to resign this week.

But it should be of little comfort in the big scheme of things because what Watson said is hardly an abberrant belief inside of whiteness.

Even while some aspects of contemporary whiteness (liberalism) may mouth its dislike for the crass racism that Watson portrayed, it is hardly entrenched in the conviction that whites, Blacks, Indians, and Others, have "evolved" at the same pace.

Blacks remain 'chained', so to speak, to notions and structures that describe them as less intelligent, sexually deviant, child-like, criminal, violent, less than human, etc.

Whiteness thus inscribes and describes its 'rational' playingfield around these ever-green currents.

And where whiteness is found to be stumbling like Watson, it fakes incredulity or amnesia. In the case of Bush it massacres in a show of power.

Both are symptomatic of an unraveling.


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nunya said...

Cold Spring?

Did you read Clifford D. Conner's A People's History of Science (c) 2005?

Im baaaaack. You miss me? :)

Ridwan said...

No I have not read that Nunya ... so I should pick it up then?

You were missed at this blog and elsewhere!

Good to know you are good ... how is the air and your eyes and your lungs, your loved ones?



nunya said...

Everything is fine except I was trying to tell my folks not to try to get off the freeway when that dorkwad we call a president was doing his photo op and missed my opportunity to take the current events quiz online. I hope the prof understands cause she was evacuated also.

You know they stopped the firefighting planes and helicopters from going up so Bush could look like a president?

We're tired.

The rain in Oregon is looking pretty good to me right now, & I was born & raised here.

Ridwan said...

I think she will understand for sure, this is an extraordinary event ... the fires that is, not that murderer's presence.

I am shocked that they stopped the firefighting for Bush pics! What the hell ...

I hope you guys get some rest, some downtime.

Happy to know you are well Nunya ... the rain is here if you need to feel it again.