Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fred Sanford on White Bigotry

I have been a crazy fan of Sanford and Son since way back when.

This scene from "Lamont as Othelleo" is the best illustration of Fred G. Sanford's view on white bigotry.

I know more about the Sanford and Son series than I should admit. Redd Foxx was a genuis. May he rest in peace.


Dave J. said...

My brother recently gave me a t-shirt with Redd Foxx's face on it, and below that, his famous saying from the show that he would always say to Lamont "You big dummy!"

At first I was like, um, thanks Tim. But then I got to thinking about the show, and the many meanings that could apply to that simple expression. The shirt has grown on me, and I am wearing today actually!

Shus li che dut nah (Spring Thunder) said...

Fred Sanford: Now more than ever.

Sad that's racism has actually gotten worse(IMO)than when this pointed comedy aired.

I love you, F/Red. *sigh*

Ridwan said...

Hey there Dave. Good to hear from you and I hope you enjoy that t-shirt. It is classic!

And yes the comment was a loving one for sure.

I like Fred (the character) on race ... playful but there is food for thought beneath some of the comments.

Speaking of which, take a look at the gem of a comment that was left under my "The Gods are Still Crazy" post!

Be well.


Ridwan said...

Hey Shusli ... oh yes "now more than ever" ...

I remember saying that after the fall of the USSR things may get better in the world.

Geez, here we are facing almost 2 decades and what have we?

A fascist president and a racist global system that is predatory.

And some mornings are nice until one realizes that nice is a struggle front against what is all around.

I read your comments about not knowing anymore and I was literally frozen.

I did not know what to say ... to think.

All of a sudden, again, it dawned on me that what we are up against is bigger than big.

"And still we rise."

Peace sista,

nunya said...

I loved that show.