Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cyclone Kills 2000 in Bangladesh

The BBC reports that the toll from the cyclone destroyed large parts of southern and central Bangladesh. This figure is expected to rise as the government and others try to reach areas which are not accessible.

***UpdateAl Jazeera reports that the toll as of November 18 is more than 3000! This latest video clip from Al Jazeera documents the difficulty in getting aid to some villagers (November 18)***

Cyclone Sidr is said to have destroyed the homes of thousands of people who are now homeless.

The BBC says that the "storm hit Bangladesh late on Thursday, with winds rising to 240km/h (150mph). It passed through the capital Dhaka hours later, before dying down in the north-east of the country."

Thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed and the future for reconstruction seems bleak indeed.

When I was living in Delhi I had a trip to Bangladesh planned but I had to set it aside. I still want to go and my thoughts are with the many millions who are suffering through Cyclone Sidr.

Cyclones and flooding are common in Bangladesh around this time of the year.

But as the BBC reports, this "is the most destructive storm to hit the country in more than a decade."

Al Jazeera reports that the United Nations "has pledged several millions of dollars in aid while the European Commission said it is sending $2.2m in emergency relief to Bangladesh."

This Al Jazeera clip (November 17) covers "hope and despair" in Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr.


Shus li said...

My heart goes out to these people who already struggle.

The emphasis on schooling is quite remarkable.

This is the worst cyclone in 10 years. According to climate change experts, this and more is to be expected now.

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

every single day, i tried to say my blessing. but human that we are, we tends to get so caught up in the rat race until something such as this become front page news.


Ridwan said...

Shus li and Gigi thanks for your comments here.

This tragedy hits hard and at the poorest of the poor.

Al Jazeera says that as many as
10 000 are feared dead ... and maybe even more.

May relief be swift.