Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday Sillys

Tony you needs a laugh down there in occupied Australia. So I put up this clip as a reminder to anyone who wants to ride a Harley like it is a sportsbike.

Ummmm ... it is not a good idea. All that vibrating WWII technology makes 'em a heffa to control hey.

OK broer so I knows that Rossi lost and your boy Pedrosa looked good this MotorGP season man ... dammit I am not hating but the boys at Yamaha have their work cut out for them hey?

But that said, Ducati is the sh*t on the MotoGP track and hats off to Stoner.

OK, that out of the way dawg, ummmmmm so take a look at this 27 year morph of the GSXR 750!

Now that there is a bike worthy of its history. The last standing sport 750. I feel a tear welling in me eye :(

Oh by the way, I went to look at the Hayabusa 2008. You right broer, the bike is fugly. Why the mess with the rear like that? Damn ... too much junk!

I also looked at the GXSR 1000 though and went for a spin .... ummmm I am in lust. Now please don't tell me sh*t about this bike ;0) ... please broer.

So let me introduce you to me ... ummmm new luv.

And its the right colour hey? All this lust for just a shade under 12 grand US (if Suzuki still takes dollars).



Shus li said...

Hodaka. Combat Wombat. Road Toad.

That's how I roll.

Dione said...

Thats a hot industrial looking power machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ridwan said...

Hodaka ... I remember that machine ... why you impress me sista Shus li.

As long as you roll ... it all be good ;0)


Ridwan said...

Yeah it is hot alright Dione. Mmmmm ... what was that post about a bicycle again ??


Be good now.


Dione said...

Can't be good all the time;)
Makes for a dull monday night experience...