Friday, November 30, 2007

Three Funky Fridays 13

A little Chaka and Gap Band funk along with the best version of the soul classic, "Me and Mrs Jones", brings to an end TFFs for the forseable future. And it ends with lucky number 13 from the left coast (Oregon) where it is dreary and wet with a chance of snow even.

Next Friday I will be on the motherland in Johannesburg where 80 degrees is in order. I plan to be outside and not online for too much more of my life ;0)

Thank you to those who watched these selections of mine.



Shus li said...

I am having heaviness of heart with you leaving this continent, BroRid. Knowing you has taught me much, beginning with the first time you and Eugene and I had dinner together. I won't say "goodbye," only "So Long."

Thanks for keeping the Faith, and the Funky Fridays.

Yours in Love and Struggle,

Ridwan said...

Thank you my sista Shush li. I am gonna miss our deconstruction dinners. Those were some of my most memorable moments this year.

It is an honour to have you in my family. And I look forward to many years of sharing and learning together.

You are a true comrade in struggle and I am proud to be your brother.

Thank you for your kind words.

I am missing you and Eugene already.

Peace and love,

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

hmmm... don't go missing online for too long. i may not be commenting on your much heavier post topic, (ok i admit, i'm not politically uhhh.. inclined.. excuse me while i go hide behind marie claire magazine)...that don't mean i ain't

stay well ridwan and bless always =:O)

shy giraffe

Ridwan said...

Thank you lil' sista Gigi. It means a lot to me that you are "lurking" around this blog.

I remember the first comment I got from you in early 2007. It was a good one la.

So I will be back to more regular posts in no time for sure.

But as the clock ticks for my US adventure to end (again), I am excited about writing from South Africa.

Tell the "old gal" she is lucky to love you.

Peace salaams to you my sista.


Nicole said...

I think "Jerome" would like these selections lol...


Ridwan said...

You know he would ;0)

Peace to you Nicole.