Sunday, December 02, 2007

Abuja's Motorcyle Taxis Banned

Authorities have decided to ban motorcyle taxi drivers in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. The move has caused drivers to complain that they are being unfairly targeted as "nuisances" by the authorities.

The decision to ban motorcycle taxis seems unfair in that it hardly is an attempt to regulate and improve the conditions that are of concern. I can understand that these motobikes are polluters but this decision is not about cleaning the air.

The operators are merely being shifter "out of town" where they say it is not "profitable" to make a living.

China has also cracked down on motorcycles ahead of the Beijing Olympics. The government instituted a blanket ban on these ubiquitous machines and folks are not happy.

Though India is hardly banning motorbikes, there is a move to offer small cars as an alternative. This is a shocking decision but in keeping with India's development aspirations.

More cars less motorbikes means a more modern city. Puzzling posturing don't you think?

See Al Jazeera's report entitled "Abuja's Motorcyle Taxis Driven Out of Town - 02 Dec 07":

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