Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007)

"I have long claimed that the rise of extremism and militancy in Pakistan could not happen without support from elements within the current administration. My return to my country poses a threat to the forces of extremism that have thrived under a dictatorship. They want to stop the restoration of democracy at any price. They have exploited a poor, desperate, and powerless people and allowed extremists the right environment in which to flourish."


Dione said...

These are indeed sad and turbulent times for humanity.
Bhutto while criticized by many was brave to return to Pakistan after her supposable self inflicted exile for eight years in the US; which perhaps benefited the US government as well via the control they hoped to gain in the middle east upon her return.

Bhutto knew that her life was in jeopardy returning to her home land, especially given the fact that her father and two brothers had been murdered, leaving her life being the last of the Bhutto family with the People’s Party of Democracy that her father started. I admire her bravery, despite her many criticisms. Benazir had a very interesting charmed life, with her high education and opportunities afforded to her while many people, especially women in Pakistan lacked an education.

No doubt extremism is behind this, as well as influential people who most likely saw Bhutto as a threat to a traditional way of life given her moderate view points (moderate from a western idealized society), and the fear of the US gaining more control over the region. I find it intriguing that a woman like Bhutto would submit herself to an arranged marriage, but she stated that it was for political reasons, since at the time Bhutto commented that a god fearing Muslim woman could not marry for love; which would serve to gain support politically. On that same note while I commend her strong standpoint that a real Muslim would not martyr her,(true)islam = peace, yet given her family past I almost have to wonder what else is at work here……..
These will be interesting times for Pakistan, and despite Bhutto’s controversy her passing is a sad statement upon humanity.

Ridwan said...

Hey Dione:

As you know I am not a Bhutto fan. I found her recent cosy relations with Bush and Blair/Brown to be quite misguided.

I think her return to Pakistan came largely at the urging of the US and Britain.

Bush started to worry about Musharraf, the ruthless dictator.

Both Bush and Blair/Brown wanted Bhutto to take his place.

I do not want to speak ill of the dead here, but Bhutto was hardly what was needed to move Pakistan forward.

Her comments about fighting terror and Al Qaeda appeared to be right out of the Bush playbook.

The fact that the Pakistan government first blames Al Qaeda for her 'assassination' and now purports that she fell and a lever on the sunroof was the cause of death is troubling.

So, was she or was she not assassinated?

I think Musharraf has a lot to answer for in this tragedy.

The fact that his goons were washing the streets right after the bomb blast leaves me wondering who is hiding what.


ps. Thanks for your comment :0)

Dione said...

Well you’re right on track when we notice how prepared Musharraf's "goons" were in washing the street afterward. The world knows it too, for Musharraf's hope in keeping control. This has been all over our censored media here. I know much of the people really liked Bhutto, but the government took no action in heightening security for her. Gee I wonder why. This was all waiting to happen. The social scientist in me looks at the whole picture, and as I mentioned other things are at work here. I am disappointed with Musharraf, whose own life has been in jeopardy, not to mention I think it was 140 people who perished during one of Bhutto's recent and last public appearances. Despite the violence that took place at her earlier public appearances, she returned to her next saying "Bhutto lives, Bhutto lives". Knowing her controversy, and the looting that takes place there; it wasn't socially responsible to say the least. A part of me is wondering if this isn't almost self inflicted suicide on her part. She knew she was a pawn to be used by the US, which no doubt must have made her question what good she was actually doing for the people who were supporting her, and the people's party in her homeland.
I view any death as a tragedy upon humanity, as well as the worlds already clouded view point on Islam, and violence in the Middle East.

Thank you for responding to my comment; I really miss talking to you

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

hi ridwan,

as i am not politically minded (if there such a and talking about politics tend to gives me headache, i guess what i'm about to say don't carry much weight here. but i am sadden by her death. she took the risk making changes, challenging and questioning the current govt, knowing full well her life is like a walking time bomb.

i can't even imagine the sadness her kids have to deal with.


ps: thanks for the greeting on eid ul adha. hope yours have been just as good.

Ridwan said...

Salaams Gigi. Your comments are always welcome here my sista ... and they carry weight for sure.

You are right about this being a tragedy.

Bhutto was indeed brave at a time of great turmoil in Pakistan.

May she rest in peace.

Be well Gigi,

Shus li said...

She was beautiful.

What about her son Bilawal being appointed chairman of the Pakistan People's Party?