Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I have been thinking about modernization, development, and waste over the past few days. My thinking has been spurned on by seeing beautiful birds fly in and out of our garden at number 11.

Though I am struck by the beauty of these birds, I am hardly happy to see them perched in trees just outside my front door.

Let me explain a little.

When I was growing up in Kimberley in the 1970s and 1980s the only birds that made it into my surrounds were rather dull birds the locals call "Mossies" (House Sparrow).

The Mossies are still around but they now share their urban surrounds with more exotic birds who have been displaced by frantic modernization and development.

Suburbs and roads and the mass migration of people are slowly destroying the 'wild' or natural areas where these birds, like the Weaver Bird pictured here, usually live.

Beyond the presence of these birds are other displaced species of reptiles like Geckos and frogs.

Over the last few nights I have looked closely at two curious Geckos on the ceiling of our veranda.

I have never seen Geckos in Kimberley. So I checked with folks if they are usual to our area. I was told that they are from the area but certainly not usually found in suburban areas.

Then there I was taking a slow walk the other day when I came across a family of Meercats hurrying across the street.

I must admit that the sight was a delight. Well a delight at first, and then my heart sunk to think that these higly intelligent animals never live in suburban areas.

So modernization and development is so present here now that the unusual is usual, and that includes the stuff the West sells as markers of progress.

Just last week I watched a sizeable crowd of people gawking at a big yellow Hummer in a parking lot of the new mall that makes my hometown look like Anytown USA.

Do we really need these huge malls and the gas guzzling murder machines that are like religious icons to the folks who believe we are modernizing and developing?

Is this progress?

My guess is that it is not. At least not the kind of humanitarian progress that we will be able to sustain with dignity and enviromental harmony.


nunya said...

Hi you!

I love the Meerkats. They breed them here at the Wild Animal Park

Dione said...

There is beautiful wildlife where you are, no doubt! I also imagine as well as read about the intoxicating flowers that bloom around spring time.
This is a good article on social responsibility. It gets me thinking of a spot I saw on the news early December. In Yacolt Washington there has been a controversial issue concerning a humane answer to the Quaker Parrots that have built very large nests on power poles causing power outages and other annoyances. The thing is, these birds were brought to this area, and they are not native to Washington State. People are figuring that these were pets that got loose and have bred quickly.
The local people have taken a liking to these birds, but the city and state are looking to euthanize the parrots any day now, and have already killed some. So I went online to learn some more about Quaker Parrots, and apparently for the same reasons other cities have had issues with similar birds, and they are called city parrots. I find it offensive that the only solution the people in charge have to offer is blowing up their nests, using poisons ect, when come to find out that these are highly intelligent birds that people purchase regularly because they are so trainable.
On the same level, I know here that with cities expanding farther into what used to be natural spaces for sure what is left of the animal population has no where to go. Everyone sees the animals as an annoyance, and their solution is usually to kill. As people we really need to start considering our actions and what this is eventually going to do to the eco system; thinking of the jungles and wetlands too. That occasional “treat” of seeing a deer in my front yard in the SW Portland area, really indicates that the poor thing had no where to go….

Shus li said...

Dear Ridwan,

We are of like heart in our despair. "Progress" is the cruel child of capitalism, one who likes to torture little animals. An estimated 200 species per day disappears under her heavy boot. "Progress" is a psychopath that must be stopped.

I suggest that you become acquainted with anti-civilization philosophy. Without mincing words, there are those of us who would "bring it all down" and facilitate the healing of the Earth. This would mean a place to live for all species, even the little birds and meercats. For a look at anti-civ discussion, check out Derrick Jensen's forum at

Thanks for writing this; it's good to hear you from thousands of miles/kilometers away.

Love and Struggle,

Shus li

Ridwan said...

Hey to you too Nunya! Good to hear from you.

I love Meercats too. Have you watched the documentary that follows a family of Meercats in the Kalahari Desert?

I think it is a Discovery Channel production.

So how are things in San Diego?

Holla when you can.

Peace to you.


Ridwan said...

Hello Dione:

Thanks for reminding me about the "Budgie" story.

I remember talking to Shush li about the story too, and if I remember right Shush li may have done a post on the story too.

I am sitting here and looking at a huge spider on our livingroom wall ... I like that it lives here.

Peace and best wishes to you!


Ridwan said...

Hey there Shush li. I will definitely look at the site.

Thank you for the recommendation my sista. I am ready to step off the grid of progress.

I miss talking to you!

Be well in peace,

Dione said...

I hope its not the kind that bites!!!!