Monday, February 18, 2008

Vice President Condi Rice?

I am not the first to think that the GOP would be wise to put Secretary of State, Condelezza Rice, on the McCain presidential ticket.

Some observers may say she is a liability because of her closeness to the Bush administration and that McCain should be looking to distance himself from Bush.

My thinking is that the average McCain voter would not know enough, or even care, about Rice's record in the Bush administration for it to be a problem come November.

Instead, Rice will be seen to be even presidential. More than just a vice president. Better than Barack and better than Hillary.

In fact, she is both Obama and Hillary and more. A Black woman with outstanding political and professional credentials.

She has also never called white people on any of their sh*t, ever. She is white friendly in every sense of the term.

This is a definitive asset in a presidential race tinged by race. She may not be a feminist, but neither is Hillary hey.

In this election of possible firsts, Rice would be the first woman and Black person to hold the office of the vice president.

The party of Lincoln, the president who 'freed' the slaves, will look good with a Black woman who can claim to be an organic part of that history.

If you think the elephant party is not in the early stages of positioning Rice you may not be paying close enough attention.

Why you think she is in Africa, Kenya specifically, brokering a peace deal in the ancestral home of Obama?

Nothing in politics, particularly American politics, is coincidental.

So what you think?

Is Condi Rice the kryptonite to put an end to SuperObama? Can she derail the queen of cold, Hillary, with her warm charming style?



Dade said...

Hi, Ridwan.

Yes, I have heard Condi's name being bandied about as a possible vice-presidential candidate with McCain. And you're right, most McCain voters don't have a clue as to her real record.

But even right-wing freaks over here are, if not angry, embarrassed by Bush. And Condi still has that anchor around her neck.

Condi is an incompetent as you know. But she would definitely serve as a token black woman for the GOP.

We'll see. But I don't think it will matter. McCain is not going to win. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

Take care, my friend.

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment Dade. I have to agree, Rice is an "incompetent" ...

Be well hey.


Muzi said...

American History is like a scratched LP(recoerd to some) they play the samething over and over again.
I don't recall any radical change of policy from the time I started reading American history especialy thier foreign policy. Bush is an idiot who pushed the same policies too far. Other than that Obama,Macain or Condi (as you call her)won't make any meaningful change in the world's politics. Their politics revolve around protecting Isreal, looking at the next muslim to suspect of this or that and ofcourse making money for American at what evercost. look at this trend since world all this period we had democrats and Republicans exchanging power with no meaningfull improvment and things are not about to change all Barrack or Rice

Ridwan said...

Muzi I can't agree with you more broer.

What amazes me is that folks actually believe that someone 'new' in the White House will bring new beginnings.

As you say "things are not about to change ..."

Peace to you broer.

Ps. Did you like the budget Manuel laid down today?


nunya said...

Dude, my neighbor is black. He called her a "slave."

Then again, who are me and my neighbor? Nobody ever named an oil tanker after us.

"Besides being the greatest two-for in GOP history, Rice brings other huge pluses to the decorated Vietnam hero. Indeed, she may be enough to elect the venerable hero/naval aviator."

This was in the Nation?

Ridwan said...

Yep the Nation it be ;0)

The liberals are conservatives and the other way around.

Obama wants to bomb Pakistan just like W.

McPAin wants to return the Reagan era ... so does Obama.

So much for multiparty democracy.

Be well Nunya.