Saturday, March 15, 2008

China Get Out of Tibet!

China is demanding that Tibetan protestors in Lhasa "surrender" by Monday (March 17) according to a BBC report. (FC: Binod Joshi, AP)

Ummmmm .... whatever for?

At least 100 people have already been killed according to an unconfirmed report cited in a CNN story.

The international community must demand that China get out of Tibet. No more excuses, China's authoritarian and oppressive hand needs more than just a slap.

It is high time that we Boycott China, its goods, and its damn Olympics.


***Update(March 16, 10:21am SA)***
CNN is showing live images at this hour obtained via "Hong Kong Cable TV" of "heavily armed Chinese troops" going door to door in Lhasa looking for protestors.

The video images are being "smuggled" out by possible dissidents. China, of course, does not want the 'outside world' to see them clamping down.

These images remind me of apartheid South Africa and the manner that police would take to the streets to round up dissenters.

Rounding up protestors is a common strategy in China. Let us not forget the brutal manner in which authorities rounded up people after the Tiananmen Square massacre in in 1989.


Eugene said...

HERE HEAR! Brother!

But then again...what are all those American Christians gonna do without any Christmas decorations?

No doubt, U.S. business interests will not falter with China, making them complicit in these horrific actions.

Ridwan said...

I know what you mean Eugene. And WalMart will damn near go out of business.

Here in South Africa almost anything you buy off the shelves is from China.

I hear you on US business interests. The US is not about to turn their back on China.

If they did there would be no money in your local ATM.

The US needs China to keep its economy afloat.

As for South Africa, well China can afford any damn politician here.

Still, if we were really about human rights and democracy, China would be forced out of Tibet.

And while we are doing that let's not forget India in Kashmir.

Peace and struggle brother,

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

Sigh.. basically every goods on the shelves around the world is MADE IN CHINA.

China has about less than 5mths to clear up any political and environmental mess before the Olympic. Gut feeling, its not going to be a success, seems some athletes having 2nd thought of participating the 2008 Olympic.

Bless always Ridwan =:O)

Ridwan said...

Salaam Gigi. Good to hear from you sista.

You are so right! Everything is made in China. In South Africa we even have Chinese cars and bikes ... and I could go on and on.

What is not made in China?

I am not feeling China ... stuff must change for Tibet and human rights inside China.

Best wishes to you sista,

Dade said...

When you think how the power in China is held but such a relatively few people, and how much influence China has throughout the world...well, it's scary. Alas for the poor people of Tibet.

US policy toward China is just another of the long list of outrages and injustices perpetrated by the American power elite of both national parties.

Good for you, Ridwan, in not forgetting about Tibetans!

Ridwan said...

Hey there Dade. Thanks for your comment brother.

Yeah we cannot forget the Tibetans or the Burmese who have fallen off the media watch in recent months.

I am wondering what Clinton and Obama think about China.


Dione said...

I was made in America @1976


Ridwan said...

Dione you crack me up! :)

I trust your young self is well there in Pville.

Peace to you,