Friday, March 14, 2008

Motto Guzzi V7 Classic

I love retro bikes. Hell I love retro everything. Call me retro-ready for this newly realeased Guzzi V7.

Sweet huh?

Ok, so you can't scrape kneez and kick ass down the straight. But hey, this bike is a celebration of the 40th anniversary Italian Maxi Motorcycle that Giulio Cesare Carcano designed.

Now how many crotch rocketers will know that or even know what it means?

Nontheless, bikes are cool in any style and for whatever reason. Look close at the picture below, there is a kid hidden in-between moms and pops.



Shus li said...

Wow, that's child abuse!! :)

At least they're not on a Hodaka.

Have fun, Ridwan.

Ridwan said...

Hey there sista Shush li. The poor kid must have felt just a little sweated-on too :0)

I saw a family of four on a small 100cc motorcycle in India.

I tried and tried to capture cool pictures of families on bikes but to no avail.

The closest I got was in Daman (Gujarat) but the picture is blurry.

I bet Dade has some stories about families on bikes in India.

The picture here is not from India but Indonesia.

I trust you are well sista!


GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

LMAO @ the pic.. oh darnit that pic got me cracking up at 1am.

Ridwan said...

Salaam sista Gigi. What you doing on the web at 1am ... just jiving.

I am happy to hear from you!

That picture is funny ... poor kid huh?

Have a great Sunday.