Friday, April 25, 2008

Campaign 2008: The End



Dade said...

Sad to say, but this looks like what we're heading for...over here in the US of A!

Ridwan said...

It is sad my brother. And yeah I think it is starting to look more like President McBush.

Lots more pain to come.

Be well Dade and have a great weekend.


GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

lmao @ the comic strip.

please please tell me it ain't so. not another 3rd *bush* term. =:O(

Ridwan said...

Hey there Gigi. Good to hear from you sista.

I wish I could lie to you about what my gut tells me on this election.

White America in the main will not elect Obama to the White House.

He and Hillary have given McCain a strong running start.

The superdelegates know this. But it has become tricky. They need Hillary to garner that white sceptics and their vote, but damn Obama is hardly going away.

If they choose Hillary it will come across as racist because he is seen to be leading by most.

I am not sweating the scam of American democracy. But I recognize what people who live outside of the US know: Bush has been harder for those outside the US.

Peace to you Gigi.


Dione said...

If Hillary is chosen, it will seem racist.

If Obama is chosen, it will seem sexist.

If McPain is chosen, it will be re-electing Bush.

Obama is the humanitarian choice, but thats also because we don't know what he is REALLY going to do. When I listen to the man speak, I don't find him the good orator that others seem to perceive him as. I can practically predict what he is going to say, and then he never tells anyone how he intends upon doing what he says he would like to do.

My next concern with him is: can intelligence out weigh inexperience?? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. So the question really is,does he have it?

Hillary and Mc Caine have the most experience, but who is going to lie the best for us? Who is going to be the best diplomat? I don't think other countries are going to see McCaine as anything other than Bush the super sequel killer, but they won't like Hillary either because she is a woman and they are not ready for that.

Is America ready for that? I don't think Hillary will get the popular vote, because too much of America is so conservative in the midwest and South. Obama is going to get much of the south due to the black vote. Most African Americans there are hoping that he will cure racism, and they don't have the educational tools in the poor south to know any different.

Hillary is not going to improve chauvinism either, and as we have discussed, nether candidate who is a minority is this election can identify with their group because they are all one in the same... They come from privilege and are a part of this system.


Who can work the best with our system the way it is set up? This is an important consideration because for instance even if you like Obama, can he work with those super powers to create the change that he wants? I'm thinking no, no he can't. I know this is negative people, but this is reality.

McCaine and Clinton are the only choices who will be able to get their hands in there, and work with the system and do something. This nation needs HELP NOW!!

McCaine isn't going to do anything for health care, or poverty, and is for sure 100% beyond a doubt going to continue the war. Hillary may not be different, but she is the same kind of wild card that Obama is. We don't know beyond that doubt what she will do.

Most women CEO's or high powered ladies are out there to prove themselves. This is a fact! So I'm betting that Hillary would surprise everyone. She is already seen as the angry lady, and the world will see her as a super hard ass, but again I find her the choice. We have to forget who is an asshole or a bitch in this election, and we have to look at what our selections really mean. The president is the mascot, how are they going to work with the house, and senate ect?

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment Dione.

If I was voting I would pay attention to Hillary's
"obliterate Iran" comment.

Then regognize that Madeline Albright, the woman who said that hundreds of thousands children dying in Iraq was par for the course, is her close advisor.

Hillary is not a humanitarian choice in my view.

I agree with Dade that Obama is the lesser of evils here but he is not very different than the other three.

I would stand up and demand better choices and for the democratization of the US, away from the corporate and elitists political system that it is now.

Like Eugene says, "I am just saying" ... :0)

Peace Dione,

Dione said...

Her comment is seriously problematic, I agree.

Obama is the humanitarian choice, but I just don't know how much support he is going to get.

It is going to be very interesting, and i'm looking forward to the next democratic debate.