Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Yes Miss Daisy"



Shus li said...

I don't feel good about laughing at this!

I need a shower now.

Ridwan, you phunny!

Dione said...

I'm not voting for Obama, but regardless this is offensive!

The Walmart bag, lets me know the irony and the intent of this, so don't get me wrong here.

But Geez, where did you get that?
By the way, in all my crazy days I found an interesting article on Obama's white mama in the current Time Magazine. I also found Hillarys cockiness about winning Pennsylvania ridiculous and dangerous for her own campaign. Yea, there is only a 10 percent black voting population there.

I saw a very intense film that I rented the other day. "Right At Your Door". It's about a dirty bomb explosion. I found it very scary! and in an unusual way. Its an independent film with probably a fraction of the budget of "I am Legend" - which disappointed me by the way. Anyway, I bring up this movie, because while watching the film I assumed the dirty bomb exploded because of our government, and their shit. When I watched the commentary by the director available with the DVD, they discussed that this was a 911 terrorism type scenario. Despite that fact, if you want to see something a little different than your everyday dooms day movie, I recommend this. Coincidentally, while I was at Boarders books I found a book on terrorism that I found amusing, and irritating at the same time. I was searching for some books on social casework, and came upon this book with Osama bin Laden's face on it. How amusing that this book only focuses on the middle east, and it's terrorist impact on the US, AND the timeline only begins in the 1980's. Dam we have a selective memory, and shit, how come we are not in there because of what we have done? Well, I know the answers to that, same old stuff, isn't it??

Erica said...

You are DONE!!LOL

Ridwan said...

*Thanks Shusli. You know I try to be "phunny" :0) Trust you are well.

**Thanks Dione. I think I understand :o)

***Thanks Erica. I know I know. But it aslo seems that Mrs "Obliterate Iran" is particularly done.

They gonna need the superdelegates to save the Queen.

Peace to you all.

Dione said...

Oh, it was funny. lol
Yea, if Hillary gets more of those superdelegates, she still can get the democratic nomination. The way I see it, it's those power house in controle people anyway, so she still has a chance despite how bleak it looks for her now. As we know, McCaine is waiting in the wings, and will fly in and sweep up. This is an election for the books.

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

sigh.. am i the only one who finds obama with the tilted hat looking kinda sexy?..hee hee..

why can't the super delegates made up their mind already.. i'm getting tired of reading the democratic poles.

ps: how things at your end mr ridwan =:O)