Monday, May 05, 2008

Burma Cyclone

Burmese Foreign Minister Nyan Win says that 10 000 people have been killed by the cyclone that hit western Burma.

According to Al Jazeera the Burmese government has asked for foreign aid to assist with the disaster. The UN is also set to enter Burma.

I watched a CNN report earlier this evening that said the military has not been deployed onto the streets. This is in stark contrast to the heavy military crackdown that followed Buddhist monk's protest last year.

The BBC reports that the "Burma's military junta has said a referendum on a new national constitution will go ahead on Saturday. People were "eagerly looking forward to voting."

What the outcome of the referendum will be remains a matter of speculation. I am not expecting a progressive outcome.

Right now most folks are looking for clean water, food, and safe shelter.

***Update(Tuesday, May 6)***
The Guardian reports that the death toll has risen to 22 000 with 41 000 people missing in Burma. The report also says that the Burma regime has admitted that it is struggling to cope.


Erica said...

Ridwan, I was reading about this earlier today. My heart truly goes out to those who has lost their loved ones, and also to those who are in dire need of the things we here in the US take for granted.

Ridwan said...

Erica thanks for your comment. It is indeed a tragedy and its dimensions are still unfolding.

I read that the death toll stands at 22 000 now. This is shocking and that number will unfortunately grow as more bodies are uncovered.

My blood boiled over as I watched Laura Bush berate the military leaders to "accept US aid".

Who the f*ck is Laura Bush? She is in no position to speak on this or any other issue, and do so on behalf of the US.

It is an absolute shame to watch Bush and company struggling to bring a little shine to their terrible record on human rights.

Peace to you Erica,

Dione said...

6 more months until Bush is gon. Well, actually more like 7.5.

The primaries are going to be very interesting today. North Carolina and Indiana. I do believe that Obama will win North Carolina, Indiana could go either way.

Portland and it's job market sucks, so atleast there will be something on tv tonight, sad hugh....


Dade said...

The junta that rules Myanmar seems to show little competence when it comes to helping their people in a disaster. Their only real competence would seem to be brutal suppression of their own people's liberty.


Thanks for the update, Ridwan.

miranda said...

"... and then she started talking about Jenna's wedding."

I'm utterly embarassed. I can't even begin to comprehend how one could segue from Burma's cyclone to a wedding. Shall I restate that? I can't even begin to comprehend how one could segue from attacking Burma's leaders for the high death toll to talking about a wedding.

The Bushes never cease to amaze me in their audacious stupidity.

Ridwan said...

Dade thanks for your comment here. It is very sad brother. And it is getting more so.

Miranda I totally hear you. Who Laura to Burma or any other place of suffering? Those folks turn my being. Thanks for your comment. I trust you are well.

Thanks for your comment Dione. Can't say I really was impressed with what happened in Indiana or N. Carolina.

Peace to ya all,