Wednesday, May 07, 2008

President McBush

Iraqi deaths due to US invasion as of this writing:
1, 206, 950


Dione said...

I PLEAD to the American people to think about this election! We DO NOT want McCaine in office.
He want's four more years of the same: economical suffering,draining our dollars by supporting these wars, and the sparing of human American lives, AND the lives of innocent civilians.

WHO WANTS THIS? and I ask that you tell us WHY?

I'm here, as a registered Republican, and I'm telling everyone who will listen, that we must vote Democrat in this election, if we are going to save our country from total and complete destruction.

if you said yes, then you need to vote Democrat.

When we look at the map, that is shown during election coverage, we see which states vote Democrat, and which states vote Republican. The majority of this country, is overwhelmingly conservative. Look at the staunch elite rich, and the poor and working class farmers. They for the most part all vote conservatively, they will be voting for McCaine. Look at the "bible belt" of America, they are overwhelmingly Republican. The people in the east, and west coast will have the most Democratic votes.
Like it or not, there is no way that anyone named Barack Hussein Obama is going to win against McCaine. He does not wear our American Flag, he admitted that in one of his last speeches, but he never says why, he does not put his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, but he does want to run our country. I do not find him honest, why does he continue to hide so much? I hope that the people of the Hillary campaign do their best, to find out what Senator Obama is hiding!

Right now, the Democratic party is feeling like perhaps Hillary is hurting the unification of the Democratic's regaining office. This isn't true, if they are thinking then let it be known, that a vote for Obama, is going to be a vote for McCaine. If Obama wins the Democratic nomination, you can be SURE, that McCaine is going to be our next president.

Put your feelings aside, and make it about the business of helping our country. WE DO NOT WANT MCCAINE, so VOTE FOR HILLARY!!

Who do you trust more, McCaine or Hillary? Neither probably, but you know McCaine is a war monger, and he admits to four more years of the same.
Again, in the main election, come November Obama can't win, against McCaine. And,,, by the way, a non vote, not voting at all, is also a vote for McCaine!!

Eugene said...

John McCain is a genocidal maniac. That man Loves killing especially when he isn't the one doing it. I mean, he's done his fair share, but now he is a member of the ultra elite and benefits greatly from the slaughter.

Put Killary in, and with the way she behaves, I guarantee you that more people will be slaughtered than if John McCain steals the election. She has something to prove, that she can be more of a heartless bloodthirsty killer from a distance to benefit the few than any red tie wearing genocidal republican party elite male.

John Trudell had something interesting to say about the election. He said the democrats will win, no matter which genocidal person gets selected to be the front runner against McCain. That way the republicans can push through their agenda while americans sleep in the comfort that they've elected a democrat head genocidal maniac. Just like pushing through NAFTA and GATT whel genocidal Bill Clinton was president of the U.S.

Oh, yeah, and let's not forget that Bill Clinton is also a RAPIST!

Dade said...

McCain is vile and disgusting and he's going to lose the election. Sadly, Americans have awoken too late to avert the coming disasters. Everybody hang on!

Ridwan said...

Dione, Dade, and Eugene, thanks for your comments here.

Sorry for the late reply but I am on the road.

Peace you all,

Anonymous said...

Please change the faces on the right of your blog to more contempory and inspirational people. How about some scientists, medical researchers, discoverers, engineers, builders, pilots, industrialists. The human science and media created icons are getting a bit thin and are not doing our cause any good.

Ridwan said...

Anonymous why don't you go troll around on some other blog.

This is the second post from you in as many days. The first was just as inane as the one above and I chose not to publish it here.

If you have been reading here you will know that this blog references struggles against white supremacy in a cross comparative manner.

The folks who are on the right side of the blog are just some of the foundational figures who represent that struggle.

My suggestion to you is to stop trolling my blog and acting as if you have any authority to refer to "our cause".

There is no "our" in anonymity. And cowards like you know that very well.

If you want to comment here from now you will have to grow some real courage and conviction and leave your name and blog address.

If you don't have a blog do start one and then you can put any faces you may think relevant to your political cause (if you have one).

Until then, shut your cowardly trap and go annoy someone who gives a sh*t about your conservative wanking.


Dione said...

Why is anyone impressed by Obama? The man won't wear our Flag, nor will he salute it, or put his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance.
If you don't pledge allegiance to our nation, you should not be running it! I want to know what he is hiding? How do we know he isn't a terrorist. I'm not at all trying to sound racist, or ethnocentric here, so let me put this little clause in here, so that people don't start yelling right away. I'm saying look at the facts! Look how he changes his mind all the time about where he comes from, and who he is, and what he believes. All this in combination, with his not wanting to acknowledge our flag, and our pledge of allegiance. The constitution, the pledge of allegiance ect, are all based upon the founding fathers and Christian principles. However, Obama swears up and down that he is a Christian, and that he goes back 20 years with this Reverend jackass- wright!! Trust me, I would be questioning, ANYONE who was this shady!!! I would have so much more respect for the guy, if he would just admit what the deal is. If he admitted to being a Muslim, I would understand. If he said " well, I don't wear the flag because it represents oppression of African American's" I would support that, but he hasn't said anything about why he takes some of the action he does. He proves his immaturity by his plagiarized speech he gave months ago. Why not just say " I'd like to quote some powerful words by my colleague", but he doesn't do that! IS HE READY TO BE A DIPLOMAT FOR OUR NATION?? NO!!!

It's hard to believe that anyone could kill more than McCaine. I do agree that Hillary has more to prove, and I have said that here before. However, all were discussing is killing, and while that is very important we need to look at all the issued plaguing our nation. How could anyone possibly feel that the economy will improve with McCain in Office? He is letting us know, that nothing is going to change, 4 more years, Bush's third term, ect. Clinton and McCain have the political pull to get things taken care of when in office, but Obama does not. McCain will not work on the issues plaguing this nation, because it doesn't benefit his wars and his oil. Maybe Hillary with more to prove, might get more accomplished. Lets face it, they are all liars, they all come from privilege, and they can't relate to the American public. So who will help us the most, and who will be the most diplomatic when dealing with other nations. Not Obama, thats fore sure, he can't even tell us how he plans on executing the things he says he wants to do, such as making it possible for everyone to go to college. Atleat Hillary has a plan in place, Obama doesn't have shit.

There is no way that Obama can win against McCain in the Main election, I wish the Democratic party would think about this a little more carefully.