Saturday, May 17, 2008

Xenophobia: "Same as Racism"

Xenephobic attacks against migrants in Alexandria and Diepsloot have continued this week. President Mandela has raised his voice to condemn the attacks. He said
"Remember the horror from which we come from."

Indeed Madiba.

As I travelled to the east coast (Durban) I came across folk who similarly condemned the attacks on migrants from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and elsewhere in the motherland.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) says that the "xenophobia that fuelled this week's attacks on residents in Alexandra and Diepsloot is no different from the racism of apartheid," according to the Mail & Guardian.

The ANC added that:

"In the same manner that we fought against racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination, we must fight against the hatred of foreign nationals. People should leave issues of illegal immigration to the government to sort out in a legal and humane manner."

People against Suffering Suppression, Oppression and Poverty (Passop), the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the South African Communist Party, the ANC, and others, are scheduled to particiapte in a protest march today.

The noon march will take place in Cape Town in front of Parliament.

The "Minister of Safety and Security Charles Nqakula said on Friday that those responsible for continuous xenophobic attacks in Gauteng townships will be "severely dealt with", according to a local report.

The following are a few selected e-clippings covering the xenephobic attacks:

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"Violence in Alexandria and Diepsloot" (slideshow) News24.

"Criminals Behind Xenophobic Attacks" The Times.

"Our Leaders in Exile Weren’t Beaten and Killed" (Letter to the Editor) The Times.

"Refugees Flee South Africa Attacks" BBC News.

Picture credits: BBC


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