Sunday, May 18, 2008

60 Years of Israeli Apartheid

Click here to see enlarged image and join the Campaign to End the Israeli Ocuupation.

Mandela is right when he says that none of us are free when Palestineans are still being oppressed.

So what can you do?

Don't buy Caterpillar products and endorse the Stop Caterpillar Declaration Regarding Caterpillar Violations of Human Rights.

Don't buy Motorola products. Motorola provides Israel with the fuses that are used in bombs they detonate in the West Bank and elsewhere. For more information see The Electronic Intifada and Hang Up On Motorola.

And don't buy any Israeli products. Stand against Israel and its apartheid crimes against humanity.

See The Electronic Intifada for additional actions which include the following: Academic Boycott; Consumer Boycott; Cultural Boycott; Church Divestment; University Dievestment; Bank Divestment, among others.

See Boycott Israeli Goods for an exhaustive list of US companies that have invested in Israel and are doing business there.

Click here for a list of organizational websites advocating for action against Israeli apartheid.

Click here for a list of the End the Occupation sites around the world.

Lastly, as the election circus in the US advances it is important that people of conviction and principle not act to enable the US government, Hillary, Obama, and McCain, to advance Israel's apartheid brutality in Palestine.

Stand now wherever you may be and act in unity to End the Occupation.



Dade said...

I'm on board.

There are many people here in the USA that, I believe, if they knew the truth about what is going on in Palestine, would not stand for it. There are already many who think Israel has too much influence on US policy.

I think the whole idea of a Jewish state and homeland was a ridiculous idea that the US and Europe are still trying to sell to the world. It's an absurdity.

Ridwan, I've learned a lot from you about this issue. Thanks so much for helping me to understand.


Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly for your constant reading and supportive commentary here Dade.

I appreciate you presence very much.

I think that many more folks are becoming aware of Israel's occupation and that there is a swelling of pressure.

I only hope and pray that relief for Palestineans will come very soon.

Peace brother,

Eugene said...

A fella in my sociology class told me he has had a hard time learning the things that he has in that class. Folks have to change the whole mindset of might is right. That is what the whole Israeli and U.S. policies are. The U.S. is an occupied territory as well. You just don't get to hear about it like you do Palestine. The violence and GENOCIDE against the Palestinians HAS TO STOP. PERIOD! How do we get there?

Ridwan said...

Thanks for saying this brother Eugene. We do need a new mindset to see occupation for what it is.

Unfortunately most folks think that time settles the issue. Very few Americans will want to see the point you are making here.

Thanks for looking in, I trust you are well.

Peace and struggle,