Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cry The Beloved Country, again ...

I know all the rationalizations for why gangs of South Africans are attacking migrants on the streets of our country. I know the deplorable conditions that are hardly hidden by the delusional capitalist flash of the 'new' era.

But I am not willing to make excuses for the barbaric murders (22 killed), beatings, and violent intimidation of poor migrants who live among us. They are simply wrong and immoral.

These are shameful days. I am ashamed.

Those who live here are of us.

No exceptions.

For more discussion see Christi van der Westhuizen's excellent post on the incestuous dysfunction of the "rainbow nation" and, William Gumede's thoughtful post on the influence of government policy on poor Blacks and migrants.


Picture Credit: Mail & Guardian and Guardian.

***Update(May 21, 2008)***
The death toll is now 42 according to local news reports. And President Mbeki has deployed the military to quell the violence against migrants.

There are also reports that tell of trains packed with migrants who are fleeing South Africa.


Eugene said...

All this murder is deplorable. They are going after the wrong people. The conditions of life will not change with this kind of violence. Folks get away with doing that to Mexicans or folks from south of the border. You won't hear about it in our mainstream news, though.

Dade said...

I grieve for your people, Ridwan.

Allahu Akbar

Anonymous said...

check out the statement from abahlali basemjondolo at http://www.abahlali.org/node/3582

Ridwan said...

*Eugene you are absolutely right. This violence is misplaced and deplorable. Thanks for looking in.

**Dade thank you kindly for your words. I hear you brother!

***Anonymous thanks for the link. I looked at the statement and it looks in order, we are as it stated just one race.