Friday, May 23, 2008

Xenophobic Violence Spreads

In the safety of malls and business offices all over South Africa there is talk about the capital damage that xenophobic violence has brought to the fabled 'rainbow nation' and its post-apartheid mythology.

Just tonight I listened to a sage wax on with disdain about the business costs of the violence. She went on to explain that much of the violence is because Black South Africans are mostly lazy and would rather attack migrants and steal their stuff instead of finding a job.

What struck me as I listened to this overfed heffa is that she was blissfully, and typically, ignorant of the grinding poverty that describes Black life in the townships that still sprawl over our post-apartheid reality.

I am disgusted by her kind. The kind that come clad in capitalized white, Black, and brown skins with tastes for German automobiles and sporty wear from the US.

These skins are united in worry. But not about the lives lost and displaced by exenophobia. Rather, these artificially puffed-up asses worry that American and European tourists won't visit and investors will put their money elsewhere.

This is about as deep as the capitalized skins can get.

I am not saying that we should ignore the capital costs of the violence. But before we start to worry about lost tourists and the soccer World Cup of 2010 we should be thinking about human lives and the endemic poverty that has starving Black folk killing other starving Black folk.

I am not even going to talk here about the bullsh*t speculation that there is a third force behind the violence. And I will leave for another time the vile disgust I feel for those whites who need to vent about the racism they see in the Black on Black violence.

What is most important now, as the violence spreads, is a matter of safety and security.

28 000 people are said to be displaced and 44 are said to have been killed.

This is the greatest cost we must bear, forget the tourists who won't come and f*ck the World Cup in 2010.

This is a humanitarian crisis first and foremost!

Cartoon Credit: Zapiro in the Mail & Guardian

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