Sunday, June 01, 2008

McCains Mainstreaming Terrorism?

Ummmm, so in this picture you see Cindy McCain with her daughter Meghan. Yep those are personalized pillows.

And yes that looks like a keffiyeh around Meghan's neck.

How did this issue of national security slip by Michelle Malkin's attention?

And where is the outcry from the rightwing warmongers, including John McCain?

Does this mean that the presumptive Republican candidate is supportive of his daughter "mainstreaming" Islamic terrorism and its symbols?

Just wondering ;0)

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Eugene said...

Privileged classes! These are folks of privilege, from privilege. Rachel Ray, however, is Nuevou that how you say it.

This privileged kid and grandkid are thus exempt, especially since they are of Republican descent.

Like when Mark Foley tried to butt bang his male underaged pages.

Or that other Republican tried to get some random gay activity going on in an airport bathroom.

Like when Bill Clinton got away with rape.

Ted Kennedy got away with Chappiquidic.

The privileged classes are exempt from the rule.

"One rule for the common man, another for the king."

Didn't Killer McCain wear a Keffiyeh as well at one time?

I have a couple of hundred scarves. Not only does that make me seem gay, but would also under mainstream U.S. logic make me the most horrific terrorist of all. Headlines: "Scarf toting terrorist caught holding hands with wife!"

If I was privileged and a right wing wouldn't mean a thing. You know, like Mark Foley illegally soliciting his underage male pages. Privelege comes with its privileges.

Ridwan said...

No doubt brother Eugene. I have not heard a word from those who would be calling Obama a terrorist if his daughter was the one in the picture.

Obama, of course, knows this. But he chooses to play "step and fetch" for whiteness.

Politics is a dirty game, in the US it even more so.

Obama rolls out of his church. A congregation of Black folk and people of color and where is the outcry from Jesse or Sharpton?

Any Black revolutionary, whether Christian or not, will tell you that you don't walk out on the Black church.

Hell even Jimmy Carter knows that.

There would be no civil rights legacy, for all it means, if it were not for the Black church.

Obama is even more so, a sellout. McCain is just every other republican white man, American history is full of them.

Peace Eugene,

Gwenny said...

Like when Bill Clinton got away with rape.

Ted Kennedy got away with Chappaquiddick.

Hate to ruin your roll, but Clinton and Kennedy are Democrats. :D

Ridwan said...

I hear you Gwenny. You are not going to ever hear me defending democrats here.

The same applies for Republicans.

Thanks for your comment.