Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Losing My Religion"

Obama and his wife have quit the 8 000-strong congregation of the Trinity United Church of Christ. His decision comes just days after Father Michael Pfleger, who is white, is said to have mocked Hillary Clinton.

Pfleger said that Hillary, as a white woman and Bill Clinton's wife, felt that she was entitled to the democratic party's nomination for president.

If you are growing tired of the circus show that is the race for the nomination between Obama and Hillary you are not alone. I find it entertaining only because of the racial politics that are being played out.

But if you believe Obama there are no racial politics. He is supposedly about change and the fortitude to work hard and stand for principle no matter what.

Well, ummmmmm this does not mean that he will not turn his back on a close friend who was his pastor and mentor because some white sensibilities were scratched.

Now he has walked out of his church, and the community that supported him for years.

You see broer. Obama will turn his duplicitous ass on just about anything, well except whiteness.

I am not surprised. Are you?

And, are you surprised that the queen of talk, Oprah, is losing support among white viewers since her endorsement of Obama?

Now if white folks will turn their backs on the modern iteration of Aunt Jamima, what you think they gonna do in the presidential election?

Like my friend Eugene likes to say, "there is a lot of pain to come."

McPain that is!



Erica said...

It was only a matter of time! Oh, and I LOVE the R.E.M title too, how fitting!

Oprah? Oprah who?

I agree with Eugene's statement, we ain't seen nothin yet!

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

saw the news he quitting his church. it just a matter of time for him to do so.
sigh.. it pains me to think mccain going to win the next presidency, since hillary supporters are piss with the outcome of the florida/michigan vote, they voting for 3rd bush term.

ps: hope you're in pink of health =:O)

Ridwan said...

Thanks Erica for looking in, I knew you would like the title being a REM fan and all.


Ridwan said...

Hola Gigi. Good to hear from you sista.

I am well. Thanks for asking.

Yeah I am sad about McCain. But then again I am sad about Obama and Hillary too.

Those half votes ended helping Obama hey.

I gots a feeling that Hillary is gonna run as an independent after the nomination is given to Obama.

Be well Gigi.