Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain's Trickeration

John McCain has just called off his campaign and is calling on Obama to do the same. McCain says he is returning to Washington to work on the national economic crisis.


So Obama is leading by 9 points in the polls and McCain faces a debate he can't win in just days and now he claims to be suspending his campaign because it is in the nation's best interests!

Trickeration I say.

'McSame' is playing a game and expects that if Obama refuses to follow his lead then many Americans will question his patriotism.

Why is McCain so ready now? Where was he and what was he doing in Washington in the Bush years that led up to this so called "historic crisis"?

And pray do tell what the hell can he do now to make the crisis right? Absolutely nothing is the answer!

He is part of the problem. His campaign manager, Rick Davis, was paid $500 000 in thievery fees by Freddie Mac.

It is so apparent that McCain wants to delay the first presidential debate on Friday and buy the time that may eat into Obama's lead.

Dirty politics for sure ... but Obama is not biting and the debate (and his campaign) is still on.

I am no Obama fan but must say that he looked presidential as he called McCain's bluff.

McCain on the other hand looks more like a rudderless jackass than a man who could be president in about 40 days.



alleman said...

Try this very readable article as well:
A nation of village idiots

Ridwan said...

Thanks for the link to James Moore's article Alleman.

This paragraph hits it right:

"And now the Republicans who engineered our present crisis and got us into the S&L debacle of the 80s are before us saying the markets need regulation. No, actually, they don't need regulation. Why don't you Republican capitalists who believe in the free markets get out of the damned way and let them work and allow these various financial nuthouses be crushed by the weight of their own stupidity? When it is all over, we'll have sane and sober people create laws to make sure it doesn't happen again, assuming we survive this chaos."

And the close is tight:

"These, then, are the people -- the Republicans -- who want to run our government for four more years. John McCain isn't just one of them. He rides their jets. He takes their campaign donations. He makes them his campaign advisors. And he tells us to trust him.

He must think we are a nation of village idiots.

Hell, maybe we are."

Excellent article, thanks man.


Dade said...

Watching mad Johnny's meltdown is deliciously horrifying. Everything he does turns to shit.

The Rick Davis thing, the latest polls, the flub up about the fundamentals of the economy being strong....the old guy seems like he's getting a little foggy.

Ridwan said...

He is on a "meltdown" for sure. You said it right Dade.

What the hell is he thinking?

I like how Obama said that
"presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time ..."

Nailed McCain just right in my view.

I can't imagine that too many thinking folks will take McSame's "political stunt" seriously.

Peace Dade,

Rent Party said...

I'm not sure the way the whole crisis is being framed isn't a political stunt also, or an economic one. They may take my retirement funds to save the country (sic), but under the proposed plan CEOs of Freddie, Fannie, etc. would still draw their high salaries no matter what.

Dione said...

I just heard about this. What the hell is he thinking?
Something really wierd is going on, even for Washington!
I'm still not voting for Obama, with his shape shifting chamelion politics. .......!

Ridwan said...

Rent Party you are most likely right hey. I mean those CEOs earn $15 million and taxpayers are asked to bail 'em out.

I mean if I had a business and it tanked would Uncle Sam save my ass?

It is funny that Bush can still front that the markets are even real. Hell the US just became the most successful socialist state.

Nationalizing private companies and bailing out others.

Not new. Remember Harley Davidson and Chrysler in the 80s.

This is bigger though. Way bigger.

This may not be the end of capitalism, but it is the end of American style capitalism.

Peace RP,

Ridwan said...

Dione I will forgive you for voting for McCain. It may take some time and a whole lot of therapy but I will get there :)

Peace to you,

Mike's Searches said...

A rudderless jackass indeed, Prof-
Uruguay is looking better and better...

Ridwan said...

I will join you Mike. This has to be one of the lowest historical moments in US history. And yet many folks are in denial about what it all means.

You be well brother and keep writing.