Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's the Stupid Stupid

The debate is on later and I can't wait. I need a good laugh about now ;0)

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***UPDATE(October 3)***
Palin says the debate went well but polls show that folks think Biden won. The real big losers have to be the Palestinean people who were made to disappear by both Palin and Biden.

I did not find an occasion to laugh. These idiots are birds of a feather who will no doubt continue to support Israel's maniacal oppression of Palestineans.

It does not matter who wins.



kim said...

OK two things, will Palin fall on her face and will Biden be able to keep his mouth shut and not make stupid insulting comments?????

We will see.


Erica said...

A drunk in office
An ancient artifact
A chain smoker
A former beauty queen

Lord help us! I think Dumb & Dumber or Are you smarter than a
5th grader would have been a more appropriate title.

Go figure!

Ridwan said...

Thanks Kim and Erica for your comments.

I was struck that both candidates essentially erased the Palestinean people.

Not one mention of their plight under Israel!

Biden did speak of preventing another holocaust ... he just did not recognize that one against the Palestinean people is being committed by Israel.

Made me think again Obama/Biden is no different than McCain/Palen.