Friday, October 03, 2008

Dennis Kucinich rejects Bailout

"The public is being led to believe that Congress has reconsidered its position because we have before us a better bill than we had a few days ago. It is the same bill plus hundreds of new pages for hundreds of millions of tax breaks. What does this have to do with the troubles of Wall Street?

Driven by fear we are moving quickly to pass a bill, which may produce a temporary uptick for the market, but nothing for millions of homeowners whose misfortunes are at the center of our economic woes. People do not have money to pay their mortgages. After this passes, they will still not have money to pay their mortgages. People will still lose their homes while Wall Street is bailed out.

... This bill represents an utter failure of the Democratic process. It represents the triumph of special interest over the triumph of the public interest. It represents the inability of government to defend the public interest in the face of great pressure from financial interests. We could have recognized the power of government to prime the pump of the economy to get money flowing through out society by creating jobs, health care, and major investments in green energy. What a lost opportunity! What a moment of transition away from democracy and towards domination of America by global economic interests."
"We Had Alternatives" by Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

Congress has approved the bailout and Bush has signed it into law.

The corporate thugs in Washington have effectively stuck 'their people' with a $700 billion bill.

Think what that kind of money could do for the 'people' who are supposed to count in a democracy?

Karl Marx was right when he said that government in these terms is nothing more than a front for the rich and their interests.


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