Saturday, October 04, 2008

USS Theodore Roosevelt in South Africa

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, has sailed into Cape Town's harbour.

Earthlife Africa and The Anti-War Coalition are planning to demonstrate against its presence at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront.

The Anti-War Coalition's Shaheed Mohamed said that there are currently 5 additional US warships in South Africa. His organization is rightly concerned that the US is using South Africa in its wars in Iraqi and Afghanistan.

"This is a warship that has been used to launch the invasion of Afghanistan. Secondly it's been used to launch the invasion of Iraq in 2003," Mohamed said.

Earthlife Africa is concerned about the safety of the nuclear reactor that powers the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Instead of barring these death vehicles from South African waters the ANC-led government invited them. I remember that New Zealand has a nuclear-free zone that bars ships like the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The ANC-led government does not have the political backbone to disassociate itself from US imperialism and its bloody wars.

The ANC is afterall all about business and luring investment.

The matter of struggle against an unjust and greedy empire is just not part of the ANC-government's business plan.


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Dade said...

Is it power that corrupts? Or is it just that corrupt people are impelled to seek power?

In either case, it seems that most governments are corrupt and cynical and utterly indifferent to any real human concerns.

At least there are a few exceptions, like New Zealand's government.

Are there any protests planned to meet the Roosevelt?

Ridwan said...

Hey there Dade. I heard there was a small protest that was not covered in the mainstream press.

The Roosevelt is here till the end of the week.

I am with you on cynical and uncaring governments.

Most are a long way from that.

Peace brother,