Friday, November 21, 2008

"SA Racist Killer Gets Life Term"

"A judge has sentenced a 19-year-old white South African to four life terms in jail for killing four black people in a shooting spree in January.

Those shot dead by Johan Nel included a three-month-old baby and a boy of 10. Witnesses told the court he shouted racist abuse while shooting.

The killings led to angry protests by thousands of people.

Correspondents say Nel showed no emotion as he was sentenced. The judge said racism could not be tolerated.

Police spokesman Lesego Metsi said Judge Ronald Hendricks and the prosecuting lawyer were under police protection after receiving 50 death threats on their mobile phones, the South Africa Press Association reports.

Superintendent Metsi told South Africa's Times newspaper that all the callers were white, who said Judge Hendricks would be killed if he handed down a life sentence."
Read the rest of this BBC story here.

Oh yeah some of the delusional among us thought we solved racism 14 years ago when Mandela became our first black president ... geez!!


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***Update(November 23)***
See The Times article "Fear and Loathing in Skierlik" for overview.

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