Monday, February 09, 2009

Australian Bushfires

Times Online caption reads: "David Tree, from Mirboo North County Fire Authority, goes to the aid of a docile and thirsty Koala Bear"

171 people are known to be dead as a result of the bushfires and the number is expected to rise. The Australian government is launching a public enquiry aimed at what is said to be the "most lethal bushfires in its history ..."

5000 people are homeless because of the fires and that number is also expected to rise.

To make things worse, there is speculation that some of the fires may have been deliberately set, or reset.

The toll on animal life must be horrendous.

Mercy. May it rain!

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Dade said...

It is grim over there, is it not, Ridwan? I heard that it was started by arson.

Pity those poor people. And, as you point out, the wildlife.

So sad.

Ridwan said...

It is indeed grim my brother Dade. I have sent Tony an email to check in on him ... he lives in Melbourne.

I have read that some of the bushfires are south of Melbourne.

I may have to text him later because I have not heard back yet.

Trust you are well in PDX where I heard it may be snowing again.

Peace compai,