Saturday, February 07, 2009

Yusuf Islam Records George Harrison Song For Gaza

Yusuf Islam has recorded and released a George Harrison classic with Klaus Voormann to support war ravaged Palestineans in Gaza.

The song, The Day the World Gets 'Round, can be downloaded online and the proceeds will go toward the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and Save the Children to aid children and families in Gaza.

Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, is on vocals and Klaus Voormann, the man some call the "5th Beatle", is on bass.

Yusuf Islam paid tribute to George Harrison by saying:
"George was also more responsible than any other artist for initiating pop music's movement to aid people and countries stricken by war and calamities. His 'Concert For Bangladesh' was the first of its kind. I hope this song will help remind people of the immense legacy of love, peace and happiness we can share when we get round to looking at mankind's futile wars and prejudices and start to change our foolish ways."
If you would like to make a charitable contribution and get a copy of Yusuf Islam's rendition of The Day the World Gets 'Round, go here.

The opening versus of The Day the World Gets 'Round is perhaps the most powerful:

"The day the world gets 'round
to understanding where it is,
Using all it's found,
to help each other, hand in hand

The day the world gets 'round
to understanding where it's gone
Losing so much ground
killing each other, hand in hand
Such foolishness in man

I want no part of their plan ..."
No doubt!!

Fans of Yusuf Islam will be happy to know that he has also written a new musical entitled "Moonshadow" and he is putting the finishing touches on a new album.



Erica said...

Thanks Ridi for the heads up! I'm looking forward to the new album.

Ridwan said...

Hi Erica! I too can hardly wait to hear the new studio album.

Peace to you,

Shus li said...

God/dess bless Yusuf!!

You know what, Ridwan? For the past four days I've been listening to Cat Stevens' "The Wind" and humming it over and over. He was such a gentle minstrel back in the day, and continues with love in his craft.

And bless you, too!


Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly for your blessings my sista Shushli.

I remember talking to you about Yusuf Islam and his music.

He is indeed a "gentle" soul and an inspiring human being.

Peace and blessings to you too Shusli.


Dade said...

Excellent! How can you go wrong with Cat Stevens doing a George Harrison tune?

Can't wait to see the new musical. I've been a Yusuf/Cat fan since the 70s.

Ridwan said...

I don't think you can go wrong brother.

I expected that you would be a fan of Yusuf too. As the years have passed I have grown to appreciate him even more.

Be well Dade.