Friday, May 29, 2009

2009 Royal Enfield Clubman EFI

I am so stuck on retro/classic bikes right now. It is, in truth, a coping strategy meant to disconnect from the usual tiresome crap.

So there I was driving to the gym on a rather cold Kimberley day when I saw a middle-aged man riding a right and proper Royal Enfield.

Yep, there is a least one Royal Enfield in our cold dust bowl. I wonder though if there is a 2009 Clubman EFI, like the one pictured below, in Kimberley, or in South Africa for that matter.

Who sells Royal Enfields in South Africa? I know I am talking to myself here ;0)

AnyHoo, my attention is starting to turn to the revitalized and back-in-Britain brand, Norton. The bike below is a 2009 Norton 961 Commando and it is probably not here in South Africa as yet.

This bike evokes the classic lines and retro bits of old skool Nortons. It is the stuff that makes me heart beat faster.

Broer if you are reading here ... I have a birthday coming up! :0)

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Pantano said...

Hi there. I know a guy in Kimberley that owns a Royal Enfield. Was the one that you saw a black Electra Model? If so it is the same person. Let me know. As for who sells them in RSA, there is a Showroom in Auckland Park Jo'burg. Their website is Cheers

Ridwan said...

Pantano thanks for looking in here.

I am smiling just to be 'talking' to someone else who likes classic bikes, and Enfields in particular.

I worked in India for a while and saw many Enfields even though the younger set take to the Japanese and Korean bikes (more comfortable for daily use and dare I say, reliable).

Anyway, I have stopped by your spot and left a message there.

I can tell you love bikes as much as I do. There is something about bikes hey.

Damn shame they are so expensive in S. Africa.

A Bullet 500 without too many extras would run just about forty thousand rupees.

That is less than R6000.

When I left India I started looking around and found tons of used bikes and dealers who will ship them to SA.

I have seen the same bikes (new) for sale here at about R90k.

That is crazy.

Hell a trip to India and a bike plus freight back to SA will cost a lot less.

I have seen 500 bullets in the US brand new for under $5k. That is under R40k.

Nonetheless, finding the right bike is half the fun.

Thanks again.