Monday, June 01, 2009

"SA Woman Jailed In UAE"

2009-06-01 22:35

Johannesburg - A South African woman was jailed for three months in the United Arab Emirates on Monday after being convicted on a sex charge, East Coast Radio Newswatch reported.

Roxanne Hillier, 22, had been living and working in a dive centre in Khorfakkan in the Emirate of Sharjah since last November.

Police raided the centre about two weeks ago, arresting Roxanne and her boss on sex-related charges.

On Monday (today), she was found guilty of being alone in the same room with a man, and of sex out of wedlock.

Tests show no signs of sex

That is despite medical tests which showed no sign of sex, and despite not even being in the same room as her boss at the time of their arrest.

Roxanne's father Freddy told Newswatch Hillier was denied bail throughout.

"(In court) she was asked three questions: 'Did after you have sex with the co-accused?'
She answered 'no'. 'Were you in a room alone with him?' She answered 'no'. 'Are you married?' She answered 'no'," Hillier said.

"Then the lawyer had his bit to say, saying that they had no factual or medical evidence at all. That was the end of the court case.

"Today they basically came in and they have been found guilty. She has been sentenced to three months imprisonment with deportation."

Hillier said his daughter would appeal against the conviction.

Roxanne's boss, a local citizen, received a six-month sentence. - SAPA

SIDENOTE: Someone please remind me what year and century it is!

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Anonymous said...

Let this be a warning to singles. Avoid the UAE or you could end up in jail!
One would have thought that with the enormous investments in the UAE and trying their best to make it a tourist hub, they would drag themselves out of the fifteenth century.

Dade said...

Unbelievable! This is like something from the old Puritan settlements of 1600s America.

Ridwan said...

Anonymous and Dade thanks for your comments.

I still can't wrap my head around this story and sincerely hope that time passes quick for Ms Hillier so she can get the hell out of the UAE.


Freddie said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments, it is nice to see that my daughter is not being judged for a change. She is going through hell and so is the rest of the family.
Kind regards,

Freddie Hillier

Ridwan said...

Mr Hillier my heart goes out to you and your family.

What has happened to your daughter is absolutely criminal (to say the least).

I was also disturbed to read some of the online comments that appeared below the Sunday Times article last Sunday.

It may be helpful to start an online petition to collect signatures calling for Ms Hillier's immediate release.

Onward! to justice.


Freddie said...

Hi Ridwan,
Once again thanks. Yes there were quite a few bad comments in response to the Sunday Times and East Coast Radio. But I suppose everyone has a right to say what they want. Some say it just because they feel they must say something. If they new Roxanne, I am sure their comments would be different. I wish this on nobody, it is living hell. The DA are going to submit parliamentary questions to the government asking why the Consulate was not helpful. As the Appeal is this Sunday, we can only hope and pray that they will free her. I am not sure if a petition will pull enough signatures to convince someone to take action. We actually feel very helpless at the moment. Thank you for allowing me to speak out



Ridwan said...

Freddie there are many many folks out there who are absolutely outraged by what has happened to Roxanne.

I am disappointed in the SA government for being so quiet. I am not surprised though.

For now Sunday is a very important day and I hope and pray that justice will prevail.

I just hope that enough noise has been made to make the UAE act sensibly.

Be strong my friend. You are not alone!