Thursday, December 03, 2009


Gentle readers (all three of you ;) I am taking some time off from posting here.

The term has ended here in Mzansi and I am off to spend time with moms. Mita and I will start that journey tomorrow morning.

Thank you for reading this year.

Peace and struggle to yaz.


ummm Erica the Norton Commando above can fit under my tree ;)

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Erica said...

And so it shall.......

Aasia said...

I may not always have time to comment, but always reading. Will miss your pieces. come back rested, revitilised and swinging.
Onward 2009!

Aasia said...

come back rested, revitilised and ready to swing the bat!

I want to finish saying onward! but I won't

aluta continua mfwetu!

Eugene said...

Aren't you done pausing yet?

Ridwan said...

Hey brother Eugene!

I will be back on the blog with posts after the 17th of January.

Trust you are well brother.

It is 112 degrees in Kimberley today ... hotter than hell.


Eugene said...


Doing well out here.

Hey, January 17th is me birthday. I'll be 46...I think...yeah, 46. They say the memory is the first!

Ridwan said...

Aasia thanks for your comment above ... just realized I did not say so before my too extended Kimberley stay ;)

Trust you are well!

Happy New Year.

Ridwan said...

Happy Birthday Eugene!

I'll join you at 46 in about five months ... damn where is time going?