Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Zapiro On Killing Bulls For Culture

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Eugene said...

Besides the obvious racist imagery, I must say I don't object all that much to bull fighting. You see, at least there, the animal gets a chance to fight back. I admit, I do occasionally enjoy seeing a bull fighter get freight trained or ride a horn.

Here in America cattle often stand in their feces their whole lives before they become hamburger.

When I drive back and forth to Eugene, I often see one or two chicken trucks. Live chickens in open cages on a flatbed truck heading for slaughter. They now put boards in front so you don't have to see them so clearly, but you can still see them.

Veganism isn't the answer eitehr, IMO, because most vegans I have met believe that they can be as cruel to humans (especially us meat eaters) as they want. They have yet to act upon these urges, but those violent urges are there.

Bull fighting cruel, yes, but at least the animal gets a chance to fight back, unlike at the factory farm.

And if one wants to address cruelty, I can show any and all to many such cruelties found rather acceptable by civilized society.