Monday, April 19, 2010

Back To Winning

Rafa Nadal has cut his title drought and returned to winning.

Last weekend he won the Monte Carlo Masters tournament for the sixth time in a row.

Reading about his win got me to thinking about the quest to win.

Is winning everything?

In professional sport I guess the matter of winning is clear.

But in life?

What is the matter/substance of winning in life? There are no tournaments in life, are there?

Many posts ago I wrote here, after my India sojourn, that I was OK with not achieving/winning everything I set out to do so many many moons ago.

But it is not that clear cut. Is it?

Every now and then I want to believe that there is time even as the goal line grows more distant.

Perhaps I have forgotten how to win, or worse, what to win.


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Anonymous said...

I sure enjoy your blog. And I think your line in your profile, where it asks about "interests", and your interest is "finding other interests" is wonderfully is your blog. Just a thank you.


Ridwan said...

Thank you ever so kindly Shelly! Wow I had forgotten about that line.

Still believe it is my mission though.

Please keep looking in ... you made my day ... ummmmm, in fact my week ;)


Anonymous said...

I often visit your blog and enjoy your thought provoking posts.

Your piece on White Fatigue really got me thinking.

Peace to you too

Ridwan said...

Thanks so much Shelly.