Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tiger Woods' Infidelity Explained By Uncle Ruckus

Gotta luv Uncle Ruckus hey ... ?

Did you know that the black revolutionary Frantz Fanon was married to a white woman, Marie-Josephe ("Josie") Duble (her maiden name)?

Some of the 'truer' black revolutionaries who only cheated with white women think he sold out!



Hat Tip 2 Abagond


Eugene said...


He is just an egotistical a-hole who can hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole far far away. BIG DEAL!

I heard some sports talk on the radio talking about Tiger's intensity being good. I just don't understand golf as being a sport, myself.

Then I hear from my friend who love's digging on dirt that Tiger was screwing his next door neighbor while his dad was dying. This, and so many other things.

I just don't see him as a great man. There are relatively few famous types I see as great people.

When in such a fame, one should behave as a role model, and in a way, he is a role model for this culture. Live to excess, treat your fellow human beings like crap.

Ridwan said...

Thanks Eugene.

I have always thought golf to be the quintessential colonial sport. Large tracts of land removed from 'ordinary' people and watered at the expense of environmental and other degradation makes no sense to me.

Tiger's self-defined "cablanasian" ass makes even less sense.

He has never appealed to any context other than he plays a predominantly white sport on white terms.

He deserves no attention yet he is international news.

Will Tiger recover? Where is his fan base?

Who the hell cares?

He annoys the hell out of me and it is not just recently.

His apolitical sell-out ass deserves the wrath ... even though a mediated wrath no doubt.