Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Quote By Distraught Bafana Fan

In the moments after South Africa's national soccer team, Bafana Bafana, lost 3-0 to Uruguay a local TV news crew talked to disappointed fans.

One quote by a fan, in particular, struck me and it went this way in an uneloquent Model C accent:
"I am disappointed yes. But ya they gave Uruguay too much space to play and they should have known you don't give a European (sic) team that much space to play in ... "
Dumb ass!

Everyone knows Uruguay is not in Europe even though most of their national team players are white (of European ancestry).

Uruguay is clearly close to New Zealand, whose soccer team is known as the "All Whites".




White Bread said...

Ridwan, you are such a racist mother fucker. Quit worrying about who's black, white, Asian or American Indian.
Focus on the sport, yes. Leave the racial behind for once in your miserable life.

Ridwan said...

Damn cracka bread your ingnorance is showing yet again.

You obviously know very little about racism and even less about the "quality" of my life.

At the very least I am not trolling around the internet with a dumb ass name like "white bread"!

Crackaz like you can stand to learn a little more respect.

Maybe then your opinions would matter, if even a little bit.

As it stands now you are just another stupid cracka with sh*t for brains.

You barely exist.



beanphed said...

Hey Ridwan,

I've been reading your site since you posted a pretty critical piece on Portland's Naked bike ride a couple of years back. I had heard it through a bike list serve at the time and was surprised at how defensive everyone got, and I thought you were right on!

I appreciating your perspective and was anticipating that you would write something about the world cup. Hey at least South Africa got a win?

Anyhow please keep it up, your voice is needed, and I'm sure there are more of us out there who lurk in the distance while reading your work.

All the best,

Ridwan said...

Thanks for reading me here beanphed!

I remember that post and the stir it caused.

Wow that is some time back now.

There was a news item on Al Jazeera the other day that covered a World Naked Bike Ride and my thinking has not changed.

I know there is no purity in politics and struggle but prank/stunt events are too frivolous for me :0)

AnyHowzwe, thanks again for reading.

S. Africa did get a win and my friend Cliff also told me that the energy at the opening game was amazing.

I have to distinguish between what good folks feel and the politics of neglect that characterizes the mindset behind hosting the SWC.

I am not alone in my thinking. Even some of those who bought tickets and are rooting for a successful hosting will testify that we need to be focused on poverty eleviation.

Houses, clean water, working hospitals, you know the script.

Here in my hometown they cleaned the streets and fixed the potholes ... the first time since the end of apartheid.

It seemed like, well prank/stunt development.

In the end it will be lost and the citizenry will sit with huge debt.

The shocking part is that they are talking about trying host the 2020 Olympics!

Be well beanphed. You made my day!

Peace and struggle,