Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ho' Nation?

The buzz is that the upper elites are thinking about applying to host the 2020 Olympics!

Please say it ain't so. It can't be.

I know that a previous bid failed. London won that bid for the next Olympics.

We need to get beyond just trying to play ho/host nation.

South Africa cannot afford to host this Fifa spectacle and we sure as hell can't afford to host the Olympics.

At this point the speculation is just a buzz but I expect this foolishness to stick.

Maybe we should remind the upper elites that the people still need houses, hospitals, schools, clean water, policing .... on and on.

We are not free.


ps. I will be getting back to writing more regularly. I am in-between spaces.



Eugene said...

FUCK THE OLYMPICS! Keep those genocidal a-holes out of your county. Come to think of it...KEEP THEM OFF OF THE EARTH!

Ridwan said...

My thoughts exactly brother Eugene.